The Good Wife recap: Going for the Gold

Elsbeth and Eli take on Josh Perrotti and the DOJ, Alicia adapts to her new role at the firm, and Peter goes against Maddie in a gubernatorial debate 
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 3, 2013

GOLD STANDARD Alicia joins Elsbeth in the fight to clear Eli's name in his case against the DOJ

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After the debate, 56 percent of people polled thought Peter had won. But a bigger win for Peter was getting Eli back to his campaign. Even with his legal troubles over, Eli was still going through with his resignation. He was packing up his things when Peter convinced him to stick around to see him through his gubernatorial race. Who cares if Mike Kresteva will use Eli's troubles against them later? Nothing can come between this bromance!

Last but certainly not least: Will Gardner. In my opinion, Will was a little underused in this episode. But it seems like the writers are foreshadowing a bigger story for him in the future. The state's attorneys office was looking for a new outside firm to represent it on its civil suites. Lockhart/Gardner wanted to throw their name into the ring, and Will was tasked with representing the firm for the pitch. This reconnected him with Laura Hellinger (Amanda Peet) who was on the committee to judge the potential applicants.

During Will's pitch, the ASAs (which included Geneva Pine) seemed to go fairly easy on Will with their line of questioning. You could tell he was enjoying the meeting with a sense of security until Hellinger started to ask about Lockhart/Gardner's involvement with Lemond Bishop. Will recovered nicely from the surprise questions, but was clearly a little rattled. Later in the episode, he confronted Hellinger about her hostility during the interview. But she fought back, saying Geneva Pine never wanted him...and that she was only giving Will a chance by asking him the tough questions.

Will realized his error and apologized to Hellinger with an expensive bottle of wine. But in the end, it didn't matter. Lockhart/Gardner didn't get the business -- they were actually cut after the first round. So no new client for Will, but perhaps a budding relationship with Laura Hellinger? Discuss.

MVP line of the night goes to Elsbeth talking to Alicia: "We're suing the...Oooh, I like those earrings!"

What did you think of "Going for the Gold?" What do you think will happen between Will and Alicia? Are you glad Alicia agreed to go on a date with Peter? Have we seen the last of Jordan? And most important, do you want to see more of Josh Perrotti and Elsbeth? (The obvious answer is yes.)

Sound off in the comments with all your thoughts!

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