The Good Wife recap: Going for the Gold

Elsbeth and Eli take on Josh Perrotti and the DOJ, Alicia adapts to her new role at the firm, and Peter goes against Maddie in a gubernatorial debate 
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 3, 2013

GOLD STANDARD Alicia joins Elsbeth in the fight to clear Eli's name in his case against the DOJ

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Now that Alicia's officially an equity partner, she had to deal with the new responsibilities of her promotion. The first: a mandate from Diane to cut the billable hours on the Lemond Bishop case by 10 percent. This put Alicia in a semi-awkward position, making the change from peer to boss. Alicia first suggested a more conservative approach on the case. Cary, worried about his own job security come promotion time, lashed out against Alicia. Understandably, he doesn't want the rug pulled out from under him again.

Will overheard Cary and the associates grumbling about Alicia's new stance, so he informed them that Alicia cut her own hours -- not theirs -- to resolve the billing issue. But once Diane learned of Alicia's actions, she reprimanded her, saying that clients wanted to see partner hours. Alicia had to revise the hours again, cutting in other places. You can't win 'em all, and Alicia's learning the hard way what comes along with her new title.

Meanwhile, Peter was trying to move forward with his campaign sans Eli. With Jordan coaching from the sidelines, Peter took on Diane (playing the role of Maddie) in a mock debate. Jordan urged Peter to play it safe and make sure he didn't fight too much during the real debate. Jordan didn't want Peter to look combative and aggressive toward Maddie.

Peter told Jordan he trusted him, but he clearly had his doubts. And so did Alicia. When Peter told her about Jordan's debate strategy, she encouraged him to call Eli for his opinion. Eventually, Jordan sensed those doubts. He asked Peter to hand over his phone, because the ship would sink with two captains. Peter had to let go of his instinct to talk with Eli about the campaign.

During the real debate hosted by Petra Moritz (guest star Lily Rabe), Maddie pretty much knocked it out of the park. Peter's attempts to not bully Maddie came across less than favorably. During the debate break, Alicia again encouraged Peter to call Eli for advice. Eli told Peter to fight back a little bit, and when he did things started to pick up. Peter finally started to act like he was in it to win it. Suck it, Maddie!

NEXT: Peter and Eli rekindle their bromance; Will reconnects with Laura Hellinger....

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