The Good Wife recap: Going for the Gold

Elsbeth and Eli take on Josh Perrotti and the DOJ, Alicia adapts to her new role at the firm, and Peter goes against Maddie in a gubernatorial debate 
Ep. 15 | Aired Mar 3, 2013

GOLD STANDARD Alicia joins Elsbeth in the fight to clear Eli's name in his case against the DOJ

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Elsbeth sought Alicia's help with the civil court case to basically play act a lawyer in the sham defamation case. Elsbeth knew she wouldn't have much luck actually winning the defamation suit, but all she needed was for the defense to ask for a dismissal so she could put Landau on the stand. Then, in the civil court case, she could ask him about what he planned to say in federal court. It was a wacky loophole, but this is Elsbeth we're talking about. Wacky plans tend to work in her favor.

Perrotti tried to assert himself into the case, seeing Elsbeth's true intentions. But thankfully, Judge Marx (Dominic Chianese) wasn't a fan of Perrotti or the DOJ and asked him to sit down and stay out of it. In civil court, Landau testified that he arranged a meeting between Eli and Hugh Saxon, the CEO of Green Gate Retirement Center, to buy votes. Landau alleged Eli was worried that Peter wouldn't get enough votes at the Democratic straw poll. So Saxon promised to bus senior citizens to the poll to pack the vote for Peter.

Out of the courtroom, Eli admitted to doing what everyone does. He claimed that he didn't pack the vote -- busing senior citizens was all a part of a Democratic outreach to involve seniors. Coincidentally, he offered a discount on Green Gate's crisis management through Lockhart/Gardner at the same time. Eli stood firm that it was only a coincidence that these two things happened at the same time, and tried to assure Alicia -- who was rightfully upset -- that he never traded discounts for votes.

Meanwhile, Kalinda paid a visit to Saxon to corroborate Landau's story. Saxon admitted to making an agreement with the DOJ to not discuss the matter. During their meeting, Kalinda noticed a photo from the straw poll with the senior citizens wearing T-shirts representing all of the candidates. The implication was that they voted for all the candidates, and not just Peter. On the stand, Saxon confirmed that version of the story. Discouraged but not willing to give up, Perrotti promised that there were other eyewitnesses who could corroborate Landau's story. Take a wild guess who that person was! None other than Jackie Florrick.

My immediate thought went to Jackie's stroke. And thankfully, the writers didn't ignore that previous plot point. But I'm getting ahead of myself here. Obviously, Eli and Jackie haven't always seen eye to eye. So he was definitely concerned:

Eli: "She's doing this to get back at me."
Elsbeth: "For what?"
Eli: "Everything."
Jackie told the court that she overheard Eli and Mr. Saxon discussing arthritis, Jewish stuff -- oh, and an agreement in which Eli cut his crisis management fee in return for the transport of residents to the straw poll. It was pretty damning.

NEXT: Diane takes the stand; Will and Alicia meet in an elevator....

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