The Good Wife recap: I Scream, You Scream, Red Team, Blue Team

Alicia and Cary take on Will and Diane in a mock trial showdown; Elsbeth helps Eli in his fight against the Department of Justice 
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 17, 2013

FACE OFF Alicia and Cary give Will and Diane more than they bargained for when they go head-to-head in a mock trial.

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Elsbeth confronted Perrotti about the discrepancy, and he just tore the notes up. Then, he changed the original copy just to spite her. For a man representing the Department of Justice, Perrotti is not so much concerned with rules or justice. As infuriating as it was, this scene was totally worth it just to see Elsbeth return her biscotti, which she loves. It's nice to see her moral ground is unwavering, even when Perrotti had the nerve to ask her out! Elsbeth promised she'd find a way to beat him.

And as if Eli's struggles with the DOJ weren't enough, Eli was still dealing with Jordan. Jordan went behind Eli's back to schedule a town hall meeting with Maddie, even though Eli asked him to delay the negotiations. Jordan claimed it was because Eli had been too distracted, and then told Eli that complaining to Peter wouldn't do him any good. Basically, he told Eli he should accept his fate as the new No. 2. Shortly after, Eli called up Elsbeth and asked her to talk to the DOJ about making a deal. This move really surprised me, because I really didn't believe Eli would ever go after Peter. And I thought for sure Elsbeth would come up with a plan so Eli wouldn't have to bend to their wishes. But by the episode's end, Eli's true intentions were explained.

Of course Eli wouldn't sell out Peter, but he had no problem taking down Jordan. Eli offered to wear a wire to get Jordan to comment on the campaign's finances and promised to get Perrotti something good. So off Eli went to the campaign office to get a confession. And that's where Team Eli/Elsbeth bested the DOJ. Eli really went to see David LaGuardia. After being serenaded by LaGuardia's polka playing, Eli got him on tape saying Perrotti had altered the number of dirty calls. The previous wiretap would have to be excluded. I love Eli and Elsbeth working together. Fruit of the poisonous tree, indeed.

What did you think of "Red Team/Blue Team?" More importantly, what did you think of that Will and Alicia kiss? At the end of the episode, Alicia asked Will if her partnership offer had to do with him. He assured her it was just because she deserved it. But how does the kiss change things? And do you think they can really follow through with not being left alone together? In other news, my nomination for favorite exchange has to be this gem:

Jordan: "Eli there's a weird lady here to see you."
Eli: "Elsbeth, come on in!"

Also, props to the over-the-top actress Cary and Alicia hired to play the plaintiff. So much for not being maudlin. Sound off in the comments with all your thoughts. In the meantime, I'll wait for my brochure on yachts that will never come.

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