The Good Wife recap: Partners In Equity

Alicia gets a career-changing offer, Will and Diane face off against Louis Canning, and Neil Gross returns
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2013

CREDITOR CANNING Michael J. Fox returns as Louis Canning to face off against Diane and Will.

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Fast-forward to the Illinois Women's Leadership Forum, where Jordan tried to be chummy with Alicia and Alicia was still reeling from the news about the equity partnerships. Meanwhile, Maddie and Alicia had a mini-tiff about their friendship, or lack thereof, and I was highly disappointed that Peter interrupted the two before Alicia had a chance to tell Maddie off. While at the event, a reporter questioned Maddie about her perceived insensitivity. She apologized, but said she was trying to avoid being hypocritical. She admitted she was an atheist and said to let the voters decide. Peter was right there to respectfully disagree with Maddie, citing his time in prison where all he had was faith. And Alicia stood by, presumably waiting to deliver her Eli-fed line about her own belief in God. But as you'll recall, she was still pretty pissed, and declared she was an atheist. (Leading Eli to roll over in his proverbial grave.)

The episode concluded with the firm celebrating their five-month bankruptcy extension and David Lee's success with Mrs. Gross. (Important question: Don't you think the firm could help their financial woes if they didn't throw celebratory parties with free-flowing booze and shrimp? Just a thought.) Anyway, noticeably absent from the celebration was Alicia, who was in her office pouting about the equity partnership. Canning approached her and gave her a "get out of jail free card" (a.k.a. his business card), making it clear he still wanted her to come to the dark his side.

Diane went to Alicia and called her out on her pouting. Diane then shared how she became a partner: Jonas Stern was sued for sexual harassment and needed to promote a woman. Diane basically told Alicia to put on her big girl panties, suck it up, and go to party to thank the other partners for the opportunity. So Alicia went to the party, and gave another one of her scripted lines about not disappointing anyone. But suffice it to say, Alicia's still unhappy.

What did you think of "The Seven Day Rule?" Do you think Alicia should turn down the partnership offer? How awesome was it when Clarke Hayden testified against Louis Canning? Sound off in the comments.

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