The Good Wife recap: Partners In Equity

Alicia gets a career-changing offer, Will and Diane face off against Louis Canning, and Neil Gross returns
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2013

CREDITOR CANNING Michael J. Fox returns as Louis Canning to face off against Diane and Will.

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When David Lee wasn't working out the details of the pre-nup, he gave Alicia a shock about her new promotion. The capital contribution for equity partnership was $600,000. She'd only need to put up half, but still, that's not a small sum of money. She obviously had no idea she'd have such a financial responsibility, and I think it's safe to assume she returned all her previous celebratory purchases. Alicia queried whether or not she could borrow against her mortgage, and found out she could as long as she could get Peter to co-sign on her loan.

When she went to Peter to tell him the news, he was equally thrilled. But instead of agreeing to co-sign the loan, he offered to just front her the money. He considered it a good business decision. And I suppose it was an even easier decision now that they seem to be on better terms. (See: their sexcapades from two weeks ago.)

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, Eli and Jordan were trying to make Maddie's religious beliefs an issue. A video caught her not bowing her head or closing her eyes during a prayer. And even though, as Eli pointed out, it is not the South, they thought it was something they could run with. Eli asked Alicia about it, and Alicia confirmed that Maddie had told her she was an atheist.

Since they decided to hit Maddie with religion, Jordan decided he needed Alicia to formulate an opinion on her own beliefs. It's understandable how much Eli dislikes Jordan, but I kind of loved how much Alicia seemed irritated by him. (And Eli's working any angle to get the "awkward" politico out of his way.) Since Jordan didn't get a solid answer from Alicia about her religious beliefs, Eli was left to determine her stance on the matter. Eli was less than pleased when Alicia admitted she didn't believe in God either. (Unless, of course, Jesus himself showed up to her office and performed a miracle.) Eli explained that the public wanted Saint Alicia, and it would look bad to voters if she said she was an atheist. This led to one of my favorite exchanges of the night:
Alicia: "So Diane and Will negotiated in good faith. Cary is as deserving as I am. And God might exist. I'm good."
Eli: "Yeah, I don't know what that was about, but yes!"

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