The Good Wife recap: Partners In Equity

Alicia gets a career-changing offer, Will and Diane face off against Louis Canning, and Neil Gross returns
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2013

CREDITOR CANNING Michael J. Fox returns as Louis Canning to face off against Diane and Will.

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David Lee & Co. started their negotiations with the point of jurisdiction. They wanted to take advantage of the seven day rule by moving jurisdiction from Texas -- a place Gross hadn't been since 2009 -- to California. In the Golden State, both parties must have the final pre-nup in hand for seven days before signing or it's unenforceable and voided. The wedding was in nine days. That left the lawyers only 48 hours to hammer out all the details. (David Lee kindly pointed out that God made plants and animals in 48 hours.)

But they faced several unexpected hits when Deena agreed to most of Gross' terms without any fight. She felt that they were never going to get a divorce, so the agreement was merely a formality. That meant Lockhart/Gardner was put in the awkward position of motivating her to push back. That meant finding enough dirt to get her to budge, but not so much that it would kill the wedding altogether.

David Lee pointed out that Deena's shares in Chum Hum would be worthless if they divorced, but she still believed the whole thing was just a formality and made it very clear she didn't care about the money. So Alicia suggested they go after something else. David Lee went back to Gross' lawyer (Margaret Colin) and said Deena was okay with signing on all the financial issues, but that she wanted to address a number of relationship maintenance concerns. He said she wanted a date night each week, 600 minutes of time with Gross away from work, and that any future children would be brought up Christian. Obviously, Deena never requested any of these things. So when she was presented with the counter offer (things like their children must be raised Jewish and have sex at least twice a week), they finally got Deena to push back in future negotiations. Success!

Or at least temporary success. The firm's meddling with the negotiations backfired a little and Deena and Neil had it out in the conference room. So David Lee and Counselor Cary convinced Deena to make amends, and pull each other past all the pre-nup drama. Meanwhile, Cary and Kalinda were still looking for dirt in Neil's Chum Hum financial reports. Cary suggested that Kalinda check the footnotes for problems. I thoroughly enjoyed the callback to Cary's lesson from Clarke Hayden. (Later in the episode, Cary and Hayden appeared to make their own amends, and Cary apologized for testifying against him in the bankruptcy mediation.) But it worked. The found a discrepancy in the 2010 and 2009 records: A joint venture expense worth $112,000 in the footnotes.

They presented their findings to Gross and his team. The beneficiary to the corporation was 4-year-old Jacob Carlisle, the son of a woman Neil Gross had a one-night stand with in 2008. Extortion certainly wasn't the high road, but it's the road they chose to take. And just what they needed to get Neil Gross to stop the negotiations and give Deena/David Lee what they wanted. After that, Deena was considering giving Lockhart/Gardner her entire Midwest book of business.

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