The Good Wife recap: Partners In Equity

Alicia gets a career-changing offer, Will and Diane face off against Louis Canning, and Neil Gross returns
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2013

CREDITOR CANNING Michael J. Fox returns as Louis Canning to face off against Diane and Will.

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Once Canning put Alicia on the stand, he tried to get her to say the firm had agreed to a settlement with only their financial interests in mind. Alicia stood firm that the settlements were not at all a driven by Lockhart/Gardner's need to raise capital. Canning then asked her about the "schemes" the firm had used to raise funds, and naturally, Alicia said she didn't know of any. And that's when she got the unfortunate news -- while testifying, no less -- that she and Cary weren't the only people offered equity partnerships. Three other fourth-years got the same offer. Alicia maintained her cool while on the stand, stating that she'd won dozens of cases and brought in thousands of billable hours. But you could tell how pissed she was at Will and Diane. (And that was strike two.)

Since Canning's only great success was to piss Alicia off, his last-ditch effort was to subpoena Clarke Hayden. Canning asked Hayden about the five equity partnerships. Hayden appeared to play into Canning's hand, admitting that the offer of employment in exchange for money was a type of pyramid scheme. But that's where it stopped. It was pretty awesome when Hayden testified that this quid pro quo arrangement was not at all unusual. And as an example he noted Canning's offer of employment to Hayden in exchange for his help in the proceedings. (It wasn't a clear offer, but it was clearly implied.) And that was all the judge needed to hear. He granted Will and Diane's request for a five-month extension.

Just like Lockhart/Gardner can't seem to avoid financial woes, they can't seem to avoid Chum Hum and its owner, Neil Gross (John Benjamin Hickey). This time, the (almost) Mrs. Chum Hum joined the picture. Deena, Neil's fiance, reached out to David Lee & Co. for a second opinion about her prenuptial agreement with the ninth richest man in America. Deena's father wanted to make sure she was protected, and insisted she seek advice from someone outside of Neil Gross' lawfirm -- which Deena also happened to work at.

David Lee's eyes lit up when he realized the earning potential of gaining her business. They knew that Mr. Gross would never hire them, but if Deena worked with the firm, it would open the door for more business down the road. And it's worth mentioning again that Neil Gross is the ninth richest man in America. They convinced Deena to sign on, so David Lee began his negotiations with Gross' lawyers.

Neil Gross was pretty pissed that he had to deal with Lockhart/Gardner, and burst into Will's office (interrupting a meeting with Kalinda) making that very clear. But as Will kindly pointed out, he was involved in litigation, not family law and wouldn't be involved at all. I'm sure that didn't settle Gross' anger, but the outburst managed to secure Kalinda a raise. Will asked her to keep an eye on the situation.

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