The Good Wife recap: Boom De Ya Dah

Louis Canning complicates Alicia's case, Will and Diane battle Clarke Hayden, and Eli faces a new and old foe
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

THORN IN ELI'S SIDE T.R. Knight makes his debut as Jordan Karahalios, a political advisor who joins Peter's campaign.

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In an effort to be somewhat proactive about the investigation -- and feeling like he had no other options -- Eli decided to move forward with a harassment suit. But who was handling the case? Wendy Scott-Carr! She claimed it was not a conflict of interest, which means she doesn't really understand the definition of "conflict of interest." But at least her arrival led Eli to deliver one of my favorite lines of the night: "No one disappears! They all come back like zombies!" Diane warned Eli that provoking them with a suit might make him a higher priority, but with Wendy Scott-Carr at the helm I have no doubt Eli's in for more trouble than he bargained for.

And that sentiment proved true before the end of the episode. Diane went to see Scott-Carr's former campaign manager, Tobin, to offer her law services should he become involved in the Department of Justice investigation. But, as Wendy Scott-Carr determined, it was really just a warning shot to stay away. Scott-Carr fired back by confiscating Eli's files at Lockhart/Gardner. By bringing the firm into the picture, she ensured that Diane would no longer be able to represent Eli in the case. Damn, you, Wendy Scott-Carr!

Now back to Lockhart/Gardner vs. Hayden: Diane, Will, and Clarke went back to Serafina to state their cases. Cary testified for Will and Diane, but in the end, it didn't seem to matter. Ma'am Serafina decided that the aforementioned purchase of debt suggested that the financial community had enough faith in Will and Diane. She denied Hayden's request to have them removed. Serafina said after the deadline in five weeks, Hayden could again pursue a merging partner.

Diane and Will recognized their success was only temporary. Both knew they wouldn't be able to get the remaining money in just five weeks. So they decided they'd have to go to the new creditors to ask for an extension. But TWIST!! Louis Canning purchased the Lockhart/Gardner debt. That's right, Louis Canning is the new creditor. And with that, I think the proverbial s--- just hit the fan.

What did you think of "Boom De Ya Dah?" Do you have this song stuck in your head, too? Were you happy to see Alicia and Kalinda's mini-reconciliation? What did you think of T.R. Knight's debut? And did you predict that Louis Canning was the new creditor? I definitely didn't see that one coming. Sound off in the comments!

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