The Good Wife recap: Boom De Ya Dah

Louis Canning complicates Alicia's case, Will and Diane battle Clarke Hayden, and Eli faces a new and old foe
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

THORN IN ELI'S SIDE T.R. Knight makes his debut as Jordan Karahalios, a political advisor who joins Peter's campaign.

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Alicia wasn't afraid to use that news to her benefit. She told Wilkes it was a SEC violation to withhold an illness from shareholders. If he approved the settlement, she promised to keep his illness off the record. And that worked. They didn't get the $15 million they wanted, but $12 million was still a great success.

In addition to struggling with their case, Will and Diane were dealing with an unexecpected request for a mediation on their bankruptcy. One of their creditors wanted to discuss their progress. As it turns out, it was Mr. Clarke Hayden who'd requested the mediation, and he's back to being the bad guy. Hayden wanted Diane and Will removed from their positions since they'd blocked the merger Hayden set up with Burl Preston.

Enter ma'am Serafina (Tamara Tunie), the "empress" of mediation. Diane and Will presented their side of the story: Hayden did not honor the original time frame before attempting the merger, they'd already made $20 million in a short period of time, some financiers had purchased their debt from the original creditors, and "people don't buy bad debt." Clarke stuck to his guns about their removal as managing partners, but Empress Serafina agreed to hear out their evidence.

Meanwhile, Eli Gold was dealing with the aftermath of his office raid. His fears were certainly not quelled when Frank Landau arrived to discuss his options. Eli maintained that he'd done nothing wrong, and that someone was just coming after him to get to Peter. And although Landau didn't disagree, he insisted that Eli have a backup in place should things get more serious. That backup came in the form of guest star T.R. Knight as Jordan Karahalios, a young political advisor ready to step in as Eli's No. 2. Unsurprisingly, Eli wasn't too pleased with his new helper. We just got a glimpse of the tension between these two, and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. (Ed. note: T.R. Knight stopped by EW last week to talk about his arc on the show. Look for his Spoiler Room chat with Sandra Gonzalez later this week.)

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