The Good Wife recap: Boom De Ya Dah

Louis Canning complicates Alicia's case, Will and Diane battle Clarke Hayden, and Eli faces a new and old foe
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 6, 2013

THORN IN ELI'S SIDE T.R. Knight makes his debut as Jordan Karahalios, a political advisor who joins Peter's campaign.

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And back and forth we go: Kalinda learned that the specific mosquito found in the koi pond did not transmit West Nile virus. It was a promising break, but the bank only turned that against them when they proved that the mosquito that did have the virus couldn't travel more than 50 feet. (Like Kalinda, I cannot pronounce -- or spell -- all those mosquito names. And I couldn't bring myself to Google them.) That meant the client, Kaley, climbed over the fence to get close enough to the pool to contract the virus in the first place. The bank could not be held liable for her trespassing, and that million-dollar settlement was just a pipe dream.

Cary grasped at strings trying to prove that even if Kaley trespassed, it was the bank's fault for leaving around an "attractive nuisance." He argued it was the bank's responsibility to secure the swimming pools so that they wouldn't be a danger to anyone. But the bank fought back, saying Kaley was mature enough to know what was right and what was wrong. They refused to negotiate a settlement.

With the case going down the drain in Chicago, they really needed the deposition. Cary thought they might be stalling because of an upcoming bank merger; he just needed proof. Canning should know better by now. Alicia's tough to outsmart. She decided to give Louis a piece of his own medicine: She was at a deposition, after all, so she decided to depose someone! Alicia brought in a housekeeper who testified to overhearing Canning telling Wilkes not to come in. Then, she brought in the man who worked at the front desk to prove that Canning didn't make any calls to his Chicago office like he claimed. Instead, three of the four outgoing calls were made to Wilkes' ranch. Alicia had the leverage she needed to ensure Wilkes would show up for a deposition.

Meanwhile, Alicia received her extra clothes and incidentals (a.k.a. a bottle of wine) from Kalinda. The ladies appeared to patch things up -- as much as I think they ever will -- when Kalinda said she was sorry. Alicia just said, "I know." And that was pretty much the end of it. But they're still on the path to renewed friendship. Back to the case at hand, Kalinda did a little investigating and she found out Wilkes wasn't dodging the depositions because of the bank's pending merger, but because he was battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. His illness wasn't public knowledge. And if it came up in the deposition, it would be a part of the public record.

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