The Good Wife recap: The Guilty Ones

Two defendants get accused of the same crime, Eli gets a visitor from the Justice Department, and Kalinda tells Nick he has to go
Ep. 10 | Aired Dec 2, 2012

DOUBLE TROUBLE Two men are accused of the same murder, and Will and Alicia face sending an innocent man to prison

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While the case went back-and-forth in Minooka, the same thing was happening in Chicago. Hellinger was giving Will a run for his money, playing on his predictability. But the testimony of a drunk, pot-smoking concert-goer helped Kalinda figure out that Troy was, in fact, guilty of murder. A previously unreported detail—the logo of the company Troy worked for on the blanket that the murderer carried the victim out of the woods in—made it pretty clear to Will & Co. that Troy was the guilty one. It put everyone in an awkward position of still representing their client while they were helping the Minooka prosecution try to convict an innocent man.

In the end, both Troy and Gary were found guilty. The only upside of Gary's wrongful conviction in Minooka is the fact that Will and Hellinger can use the information they gathered for the Chicago case and pass it along for his appeal. (I guess that's what helps him sleep at night.) Another—possible—upside? Will had to buy Hellinger a drink because he lost his case. These two seem to be hitting it off, and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Meanwhile, Eli Gold was rudely interrupted from his classical music when a nosy neighbor in a restaurant started chatting him up. As it turns out, the nosy neighbor was really Department of Justice official, David LaGuardia (guest star Hamish Linklater). LaGuardia brought up Eli's time as a crisis manager for a company called Wooster Graph Industries. That was enough to send Eli running to Diane.

Eli expressed his concerns about the DOJ agent, but was adamant that everything he did while managing the bad publicity of Wooster Graph's IPO was legal. Diane told him he had nothing to worry about, but then Eli presented the photo of him and Kalinda. (It's the one that Nick illegally recovered from Lana's apartment after he trashed it a few weeks ago.) That was enough to get Diane's attention, and Eli asked that she keep this strictly confidential—no Will, no Alicia—so that the rumor of an investigation would not hurt Peter's campaign.

NEXT: LaGuardia reveals his true intentions...

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