Under the Dome recap: 'Revelations'

The Dome takes a break from trying to kill the residents of Chester's Mill and a science teacher takes on the duty.
Ep. 04 | Aired Jul 21, 2014

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In last week's episode, Junior discovered that his mother was indeed alive and that Lyle had all the answers he's been seeking. Lyle told Junior that he would tell him all he wanted to know if Junior let him out of jail. Tonight, Junior foolishly decides to trust the old man who's clearly unhealthily obsessed with his mother and tried to kill someone just a few days ago, and lets Lyle out of his cell. (If you ask me, Lyle could use a cell with a bit more padding). Then they take a trip to his barbershop, where they find hand-drawn postcards from Pauline post-"death." But these aren't just postcards; they're prophetic postcards. In between his incoherent ramblings about the rapture, Lyle finds time to reveal to Junior that his mother faked her death because she knew the Dome was coming. She thought that if she left Chester's Mill, the Dome would follow her and Junior would be saved. Turns out she was wrong and the god forsaken Dome still came after she left and led to the creation of this show.

We find out, however, that Lyle isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Turns out, he thought that the acid rain was a sign of the coming rapture because it was the subject of Pauline's final postcard. However, Junior points out that Lyle hasn't received any new postcards because of the Dome. Using Angie's memory again, Lyle manipulates Junior into taking a trip to Sam's shed to find Pauline's old journal in the hope of finding more prophetic paintings that might reveal who killed Angie. While there, Lyle knocks Junior out and runs away with the journal. Junior is later found by Barbie and the kids, and he and Melanie are now convinced that it was Lyle who killed Angie and tried to kill Melanie.

Although it was nice to finally get some answers, the way in which Under the Dome gave us those answers left much to be desired. At every turn, each reveal fell flat thanks to clunky dialogue (looking at you Joe!) and lack of dramatic tension. Four episodes in and Under the Dome still feels rather lost, but at least the "because the Dome said so" talk is kept to a minimum this week.

Dome Watch:

–The writers continue to give Norrie some of the funniest lines. For example, "How am I supposed to compete with a girl that he thinks is from a galaxy far, far away?" and "Don't undermine my feelings of jealousy and abandonment!"

–Where did Rebecca find the time to monitor the town's resources, the Dome's electromagnetism, and the health of livestock?

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