Under the Dome recap: 'Revelations'

The Dome takes a break from trying to kill the residents of Chester's Mill and a science teacher takes on the duty.
Ep. 04 | Aired Jul 21, 2014

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While all of the virus drama is going on, Barbie, who is still on the outs with Julia, is stuck in story line isolation with the kids. Melanie, Joe, and Norrie reluctantly tell Barbie about finding Melanie's picture in the 1988 high school yearbook, to which Barbie says, "This doesn't make any sense." Joe retorts, "But the Dome does?" The moments when Joe isn't pointing out the obvious are relatively enjoyable. Sadly, there aren't many of these moments.

Barbie and the kids make their way to the newspaper offices to go through old microfilm looking for anything that might explain who/what Melanie is. Joe stumbles upon a paper from 1988 that reveals that Melanie went missing in 1988. We also find out that Melanie and her family lived in Barbie's hometown before they moved to Chesters' Mill. The article contains Melanie's family's address in Chester Mills, so they all take a field trip to the house to get some answers.

While at Melanie's family home, they find more pinks stars falling upward, which leads them back to the spot where Joe and Norrie found the mini-dome/egg in the first season. When Melanie stands on the spot that was previously occupied by the mini-dome, she's suddenly flooded with memories from 1988. She remembers that she came out to this spot one night with Pauline (Junior's mother), Lyle, and her boyfriend Sam and found a meteor. When the meteor opened, it revealed the black egg from the first season, and she was immediately drawn to it and wanted to protect it. However, someone pushed her back into the hole as she tried to runaway with the egg, and she died. And because Under the Dome doesn't trust it's viewers to figure this out from the flashbacks, the scene ends with her looking at the camera and saying: "I am Melanie Cross, and I think this is where I died."

Right now you're probably asking: But if Melanie's is Sam's old girlfriend, why hasn't he said anything? Well, at the end of tonight's episode, Sam makes a move on Julia, but Julia rebukes him by pushing on his shoulder and causing him a suspiciously high amount of discomfort. When Julia turns away, Sam opens his shirt to reveal scratch marks, which are clearly the scratch marks Angie left on her killer when she tried to fight him off. The impact of this reveal was quite the letdown; the writers are flailing with Sam in the first few episodes, but at least they finally decided on a course of action for him.

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