The Blacklist recap: Lovely Little Ironies

Lizzie and the team try to track down a sick little adoption operation while Red continues to play One Mole, Two Mole, Red Mole, Blue Mole
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2015

BABY MAMA DRAMA Lizzie can't escape the feeling that maybe she's not ready to be a mother...and that maybe this guy is up to something.

Will Hart/NBC

Speaking of that girl, a dog finds her body in the woods and after she’s examined, the doctor reports back to Lizzie and Ressler that she has severe muscular atrophy and even though she’s been in an induced coma, has given birth several times over the last three years and received excellent prenatal care. All signs point to Mallory, who Aram has just tracked down to an alternate name: Charles Lassiter Jr. But when they go to the Lassiter parents’ house, and show them the picture, they say his name was Michael Shaw, a boy that they adopted years ago as their son, but had to give back to foster care when he began threatening to hurt them and himself. Well, this is going nowhere good.

They say that in hindsight, they weren’t ready: “The marriage was troubled. We just weren’t equipped for a child.” And suddenly Lizzie realizes, when she’s been away from her house for 72 hours straight, that this might also be the case for her.

The agents use a rare sleep medication found in the woman’s body to trace back to a prescription from a fertility doctor who works for the Cyprus Agency and go back to investigate further. When Mallory catches wind they’re in the building, he tells the receptionist to get rid of them: “Take care of it, Nestor!” Nestor’s version of taking care of it is to tell them the doctor is out and when they begin to question him, to loudly pull a gun out of his desk drawer. That’s enough reason for Ressler and Lizzie to storm the building, and suddenly Lizzie finds herself face to face with a room full of 22 unconscious and probably pregnant women. It’s pretty chilling stuff. Mallory and Lizzie get in a scuffle, but Ressler shoots him (not a kill shot, finally) just as he’s pulled a gun.

During questioning Mallory tells Lizzie that the Lassiters only “wanted an accessory to smile for their Christmas card…they wanted perfection,” and when he wasn’t perfect, they returned him like a defective toy. So, he made his business making non-defective toys. And now his legacy is complete. His legacy, of course, being that he was the father of all 27 of the Cyprus Agency children. That one I actually did not see coming, and now I feel like I need a shower (for my brain). That little tidbit is all it takes for Lizzie to go home and tell Tom that something is broken in their marriage and she can’t have a baby right now. Look at Lizzie, making grown-up decisions! And look at Tom, going straight back to the arms of mysterious Lucy Brooks/Jolene, who consoles him in his car.

Finally, as Gordon Lightfoot’s “Sundown” plays on a record (this show makes just perfect music choices), Red sits in FBI Director Diane Fowler’s living room and tells her he knows it was her that gave the directive to Meera and the Post Office blueprints to Anslo Garrick. And then this goes down:

Red: You’re the dirty rat, Diane.
Fowler: You stupid son of a bitch.
Red: Sit your ass down.

He pulls a gun on her and she sits her ass down, but tells him Fitch would never let him get away with doing anything to her. He shoots her in the stomach and tells her he and Fitch have an agreement to go about their business…and they don’t. In a last ditch effort, she reminds him that she knows the truth about “that night,” about what happened to his family. Doesn’t he want to know?

“More than anything in the world.” And then he shoots her dead in her white satin nightgown and lets the music play.

I can see her lying back in her satin dress,
In a room where you do what you don’t confess.

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