The Blacklist recap: Lovely Little Ironies

Lizzie and the team try to track down a sick little adoption operation while Red continues to play One Mole, Two Mole, Red Mole, Blue Mole
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2014

BABY MAMA DRAMA Lizzie can't escape the feeling that maybe she's not ready to be a mother...and that maybe this guy is up to something.

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Ressler and Lizzie track down the 27 adopted babies, but when they run their DNA, they don’t match any reports of missing or abducted children. When Lizzie complains about this hiccup to Red, he scoffs back, “You’re so linear…not every missing child is on the back of a milk carton, Lizzie.” As though he’s known more than he let on all along, Red suggests they might be the children of people who couldn’t, or wouldn’t, report that their child went missing, so she should look for partial DNA matches to find the babies’ relatives. Watching this show requires knowing a very specific amount about DNA: enough to understand the science of what they're testing, but not so much that you realize last week’s plot was probably 100% implausible.

In a parting aside, Red mentions to Lizzie that she’s arriving at a point of no return adopting a child with Tom. “If you have any doubts about your husband, you can’t go through with this adoption.” Ugh, I don’t Dad, just leave me alone! (She totally does.)

The DNA matches don’t come back as criminals, but as five missing women, all attractive, educated and in their early 20s. It’s pretty immediately clear that these women are being used as baby incubators, but it takes a lot of date-checking and looking at the evidence board for Lizzie to figure out they didn’t become pregnant until after they were abducted. But that’s just fine with Meera the non-mole, who needs the extra time to sneak into Agent Cooper’s unattended briefcase to steal his ID card so she can access who authorized the security upgrade memo that Red found. When she passes the information to Red, he tells her he has all that he needs from her.

Aram has tracked down a file from the lawyer’s computer that indicates the next woman on the abduction list is a Georgetown student. Flash to her leaving class and Mustache man pulling up next to her car in a parking garage – you guys, never get in your car if it’s next to a van door! Don’t you read the email forwards your mom sends you?? Mustache drugs her and is peeling out just as Ressler and Lizzie make it to the parking lot. Ressler gets hit by the van but Red’s manual blood transfusion a few weeks ago must have made him superhuman, because he’s fine. Mallory gets angry because he instructed everyone to “hold off on new orders,” but Mustache says this was an old order because they needed a replacement for the girl he killed at the beginning or the episode. Mallory shoots him.

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