The Blacklist recap: Lovely Little Ironies

Lizzie and the team try to track down a sick little adoption operation while Red continues to play One Mole, Two Mole, Red Mole, Blue Mole
Ep. 13 | Aired Jan 27, 2015

BABY MAMA DRAMA Lizzie can't escape the feeling that maybe she's not ready to be a mother...and that maybe this guy is up to something.

Will Hart/NBC

Lizzie meets up with Red for her weekly Blacklist assignment and he begins subtly talking about the profound impact of the decision to have a child, and an organization that has been exploiting that very decision – The Cyprus Adoption Agency. Lizzie has learned her lesson on coincidences, and is skeptical of Red presenting an adoption agency on the Blacklist at the exact time that she and her husband are about to adopt a child. “Life is full of lovely little ironies,” Red replies, because it doesn’t matter whether she’s right or wrong, this is his world, and the FBI is just living in it.

The Cyprus Agency “offers perfection,” selecting genetic traits for a child like you’d choose appliances for a new kitchen. The founder of the Agency is Mr. Mallory, who tells a prospective couple, “You select your preferences, and we scour the planet for a child that matches that criteria.” That’s sounds creepy enough, even before the big reveal. Red gives Lizzie the file for the next couple, about to receive their baby, the Rowlands, suggesting that these perfect babies aren’t being located, but stolen.

When Lizzie goes to tell the Rowlands the truth about the baby they’ve been promised, they ask what they can do to help. So, of course, she sends them undercover to meet with the Cyprus Agency’s lawyer. Maybe they’re distracted by Lizzie and Ressler standing in the middle of the street where anybody could see them, or maybe it’s that they’re civilians with no undercover training whatsoever, but the Rowlands don’t operate so smoothly in their covert lawyer meeting. He suspects something is up and goes outside to “take a call,” so Lizzie approaches him for answers. When he panics and starts walking into traffic, she makes no attempt to stop him, but appeals to him to do the right thing. He seems like he’s about to crack: “Oh my god, you have no idea. I’m sorry. The truth is, the Cyprus Agency –” *boom* HIT BY A BUS! There goes that lead.

In other non-starters, Red has Meera in a warehouse being interrogated by a man named Teddy with an oxygen tank (yep), after finding out she was the mole last week. Teddy says she’s clean and Meera tells Red that the memo he found was authorized by someone above her. And she’ll help him figure out who, because they both want the same thing: to find out who on the inside betrayed them by giving the Post Office’s layout to Anslo Garrick. So, once again, Meera = not the mole.

The agents seize Cyprus’ files and find out they’ve brokered 27 adoptions in the last three years. Lizzie, the adoption expert, says that’s a lot when you’re adopting out infants. Unnecessary side note: I’m sure it’s not easy turning around 27 genetically perfect babies in three years, but with a number that low, this operation doesn’t seem like a real money maker. Let’s just say each baby is going for around a million dollars. I’ve seen at least five people working here, and I’m sure the science of in vitro fertilization isn’t cheap, not to mention that prime office space and kickass kidnapping van. Evil adoption agency overhead and number of employees considered, some simple math says no one’s taking home more than half a mil annually, and if that’s the case, why not just practice, like, regular non-evil medicine? I guess "evil" is the operative word...

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