The Blacklist recap: Attractive But Treacherous

Lizzie and the team deal in some questionable science and Red finds his mole
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013

THE MAN COMES AROUND But only when he wants to and only in synagogues.


The serial number from the car helps the team track the Alchemist to his warehouse and they realize he’s killing everyone who could lead back to him, like his family. By the time they get to the family’s house, bodies of the wife and daughter are on the floor. Of course, this guy’s entire M.O. is that he fakes people’s deaths, but it takes about three scenes and a consult with Red before Lizzie or anyone else figures out that even though the DNA says it’s the wife and the daughter, it’s not. The only real problem with the episode presents itself most clearly here: The audience is a step (or two, or three) ahead of the plot the whole time. We’re privy to some information the characters aren’t, sure, but it is beyond reason that these agents wouldn’t think to test the marrow of the bodies when they’ve had to do that for every single other victim of the Alchemist’s.

By the time they catch up to the Alchemist and his abducted wife and daughter, he’s taken them and an entire convenience store hostage. Lizzie goes to work her magic – maybe they should call her the Alchemist? – and try to convince him to let the daughter, who was caught in the crossfire of a shoot-off with one of the civilians, come out to see a medic. While he’s trying to arrange a deal, the mother finds the civilian’s gun and shoots him in the back, followed swiftly by a head shot from local police. They really just cannot keep these Blacklisters alive for any questioning, can they?

Ressler finally follows through on those texts and goes to meet with Audrey, where she tells him she’s no longer engaged because she can’t stop thinking about him. He seems excited about that. Almost as excited as Tom, who gets to go hang out with Jolene at the sexy art show when Lizzie ditches him for yet another dinner. Lizzie passes the list Aram found of criminals the Alchemist helped escape over to Red and  accuses him of only ever wanting the list in the first place. (We’re all feeling like Lucy is on that list at this point, right?) I’m sure the Alchemist dying was a nice little add-on, but, yeah, duh.

Well, there was ONE other thing he wanted: the identity of that damn mole. And his army of nerds came through for him, finding a memo signed by…Meera Malik, who arrives into her dark apartment to find Red waiting for her, gun pointed, accusation ready:

“I trust you know why I’m here?”
“Yes, you’re here to kill me. Because I’m the mole.”

MEERA, NO! I support this only because it means more screen time together for James Spader and Parminder Nagra, but I’m hoping it doesn’t mean a swift exit for Meera, one of the few characters who could truly give Red a run for his money.

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