The Blacklist recap: Attractive But Treacherous

Lizzie and the team deal in some questionable science and Red finds his mole
Ep. 12 | Aired Jan 20, 2013

THE MAN COMES AROUND But only when he wants to and only in synagogues.


Until the mole problem is taken care of, Red refuses to meet with Lizzie on site, so she goes to see him at the synagogue sanctuary that he’s turned into his own personal clubhouse (and his main spot to look at an obituary of Lucy Brooks, the young woman he used his one ViCAP search from Wujing to find). I believe that Red could be Jewish, but I also believe he could just be doing this for the yarmukle.

Lizzie goes full “ugh, dad," telling him he was wrong about the Alchemist protecting the Madrczyks, because they just turned up dead. Per usual, Red is waiting patiently to reveal exactly what’s going on to Lizzie, when maybe he could have just put this all in an email or something: “This man is a forensic virtuoso. He’s an artist who paints in blood and saliva samples. Human tissue is his canvas.” Yum. I will give Lizzie a little credit for being confused because whoever coined this guy “The Alchemist” did a pretty bad job of naming him, considering he works strictly in the realm of DNA science, not the pseudo-science of alchemy; no mythology or magic to speak of, it seems. I guess The Forensic Genetic Pathologist, No. 101, didn’t have the same ring to it.

Red sends Lizzie off in the right direction of the real Pytor Madrczyk with the promise that she’ll try those fertilized duck eggs he’s been pestering her about. On the hunt, she brings Meera, sassy as ever, and Ressler, who can’t stop talking about his ex, Audrey, texting him. Really. The guy who couldn’t stand Lizzie and her little plans just a few weeks ago is now all in to chat with her on missions, if for the vodka sodas alone. I don't mind them becoming pals, but I'd like a little more background on this transition.

I just want to give you an unadulterated list of the things that Lizzie does once they have eyes on Madrczyk: continues to touch her ear every time someone talks into the radio to her; makes direct eye contact with him; looks directly over her shoulder at him and then whips her head back around when he caches her; immediately gets up when he gets up because he realizes he’s been found -- because Lizzie is maybe the least sneaky FBI agent in the world. Madrczyk makes a break for it and ends up cornering Lizzie in the kitchen, but Ressler pulls a gun on him before he can shoot and they take him into custody.

When Lizzie gets back home, Tom is returning from his jaunt to Nebraska, but he tells her that he didn’t go through with the interview. I’m sure the school in Nebraska that spent half its science book budget on flying a fourth grade teacher out for an interview appreciates that he couldn’t stop thinking about how much Lizzie had been through and how he didn’t want to make her choose between him and her job. He is cool, however, to bring back up that they have a pregnant mother whose baby they’re supposed to be adopting in six weeks, which has hardly been mentioned since the pilot. And Lizzie is cool to act like she’s at all prepared to bring a child into her life right now. Tom just asks her to be more careful, and all that’s left to do to prepare to be parents for the rest of their lives is plan the baby shower!

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