The Blacklist recap: Let's Get Biblical

The parable of the Good Samaritan and a little Revelations from Johnny Cash define this episode, but not quite as much as Red killing everybody
Ep. 11 | Aired Jan 13, 2013

OVER IT Red is getting real tired of everyone's bullsh...well, you know.

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Before they can discuss it further, Lizzie gets an email that she’s of vital importance to yet another FBI case. She “rode lead” on the Good Samaritan case before she became Red’s best gal pal, which is why she’s being asked to liaison. Agent Cooper doesn’t want Lizzie to be distracted by anything but finding Red, but Lizzie informs him that her priorities are Red’s priorities, re: so you better make them your priorities too, buck-o, because apparently I recently grew a pair and I plan on running things now. Probably my favorite part of the episode is when the whole Post Office gang is being questioned to try and find the mole, and CIA-Meera (most likely candidate for the leak at this point) is all, Hasn't anybody ever heard of extreme bodily torture? Let's get this show on the road already.

Director Fowler, who is forever-angry at Agent Cooper, asks him how they managed to lose a whole body when the Wild Bunch invaded the blacksite. When he responds, “ I don’t know, but we think Reddington had something to do with it,” you can practically hear her thinking, “If I had an effing nickel for every time I’ve heard that.” She’d have a few nickels and still no control over America’s favorite FBI adjunct informant, who has, apparently, gone Terminator-Blacklist.

Red goes about finding the leak the only way he knows how: making a list and killing every person on it, and anybody who gets in his way, and then, also, anybody who looks at him funny and/or exists within his line of vision. Johnny Cash’s “The Man Comes Around” starts playing, Revelations 6:1 intro included, as Red questions the underlings from Anslo Garrick’s infiltration, and it is just the best song choice. There’s a man goin’ round takin’ names/He decides who to free and who to blame. Not to mention, Revelations is always terrifying, even more so when its verses play over images of the bodies of Red’s victims after he gets the information he needs: They never had any knowledge of the location or the target of the attack and they were paid in small bills to do their specific jobs.

Red hears Lizzie is on the Good Samaritan case and calls her up to give her all the answers she needs. Lizzie tells him she can’t see the kind of pattern that’s usually evident in a serial killer. Red doesn’t know a lot about serial killers (doubt it), but he does “know torture…and if you really want to hurt someone, you need to tailor your attack specifically to that person.” He tells her to focus on the victims rather than the killer and she figures out that the son of the murdered mother had been abused and every injury he’d every sustained had been inflicted on the mother. Ding, ding, ding -- pattern. Thanks for the tip, Uncle Red!

Meanwhile, Red is tailoring his torture to a man named Fyodor by dousing him in vodka and threatening to light him on fire if he doesn’t tell him which banker financed Garrick’s mission with all those small bills. He finally caves -- it’s Gestalten Landesbank, of course -- and Red sticks a lit cigar in his mouth. But when he doesn’t immediately catch fire, he just shoots him. Red’s efficient that way.

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