The Blacklist recap: 'I think she's having troubles at home'

Liz Keen finally confronts Tom about being a spy, and by confronts, we mean tortures
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 21, 2014


Reddington asked that Tommy be turned over, trussed up like a turkey and tied to a chair in Liz's dining room. I love it when Red gives gifts. Liz comes home to quite a surprise: a whole coterie of mass murders helping themselves to her red wine and staring at her handcuffed husband. She doesn't even hesitate. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. When your lying sack of sh-- husband is handed to you with a bow on head and his hands tied behind his back, you just go with your gut and get the pliers...because it's finger breaking time.

"How could you do this to me? How could you lie to me and pretend you loved me?" she cries. And he tells her this terribly sad story about the moment that he knew she loved him. After their fourth date, he found that she'd drawn a heart in the dust on his loafers. "Ever since that moment, I just felt sorry for you," Tom continues. "Because I knew that I had you. Part of me didn't want it to work, but it did." She just sits there crying silently, listening to him. "I felt sorry for you" is probably the worst thing he could've said. I'd rather he said "I felt nothing, because I'm a cold monster."

Liz jumps on the phone with Red to tell him that the Feds suspect he kidnapped Li to get the germ warfare plans. He denies it and points her to Ralph Sisco, who's head of smuggling for the Chesapeake Bay. Liz doesn't give a crap, though, because she's too busy threatening Tom with a wrench. "Oh Liz, you don't have it in you," he taunts. Big mistake. Never taunt a woman scorned. She snaps his thumb in a couple different places, like she's tightening a leaky pipe under her sink.

Brief interlude where the Feds apprehend Li from the Pavloviches at the loading docks. I'm sorry for that woman's trauma, but this is just a diversion from the real action. Back to Rosie the Riveter!

"You broke my thumb," Tom marvels. "Yeah. If you're looking for sympathy you might want to try honesty," shoots back Liz, high off torture. "I'll start. I hate pancakes." (That's gotta be a lie right? Who the hell hates pancakes?) "Here's some honesty for ya," says Tom. "If you're going to handcuff a guy, don't break his thumbs." Rookie mistake! Tommy rips out of the chair, rolls across the dining room table and smashes Liz into the kitchen counter, where's he's spent the last two years slaving over pancakes no one really wanted. A house-destroying wrestling match ensues; I was screaming expletives at the TV the whole time. This was INSANE. After how much subtle bullsh-- these two have been feeding each other, it's so cathartic to see them duke it out.

NEXT: Wait, Tom's a good guy?

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