The Blacklist recap: 'I think she's having troubles at home'

Liz Keen finally confronts Tom about being a spy, and by confronts, we mean tortures
Ep. 19 | Aired Apr 21, 2014


Red comes over to keep Liz company as she gets angry, then heartbroken over Tom leaving her. Even though she had seen him in action as a spy and confirmed it in more ways than one, she still could not believe that she fell in love with and married someone who saw her as nothing more than a job. That is crushing. "We had sex last week," she rails. "I was excited to have a child with him. He was the one person I chose in my life who made me happy, who made me feel safe. What does that say about me? Everything that we had was a figment of my imagination. Worse, it was a lie. It was right in front of my face and I didn't see it." As Red sits there listening, I can't help but think that someday, she might be saying these exact words about her relationship with him. Poor Liz; she's been royally screwed over in her lifetime. Red tells her time is the only salve for her wounds, and she tells him to f--- off. I feel that. She's been used, and she wants to make Tom pay.

Red hears her plea and follows up with the trench-coated man who attempted the package exchange with Tom. He gets the man to fork over the list of all the drops and pick-ups that he's ever made (only four), and Dembe makes copies of the package that the man was supposed to give Tom -- an advanced calculus textbook. (Go figure.) Dembe and Red use the addresses to triangulate Tom Keen's wearabouts in a fortified warehouse. "How do you plan to get him out of there?" Dembe asks. Do we know any vicious killers that specialize in extractions in this town? Hmmm.

Meanwhile, the Feds have cobbled together some intelligence, and they've figured out where the Pavloviches are holding Li. Liz calls ahead to Reddington and gives him the coordinates as the team leaves the Post Office. Red rolls over to the Pavlovich's place directly and hires them to extract Tom Keen. No need to waste talent. The Serbs throw Li in a wooden box and head out with Reddington. So by the time the Feds make the scene, Red is gone, the Pavloviches are gone, and Li, the germ warfare specialist, is gone. Damn again. But on the wall, they see a jumble of letters written in chalk. What could that be? Why, it's the formula for displacement of water! What's, that Lassie? Li is at the loading docks down by the pier?!

The Pavloviches like to get jobs done quickly and with as many explosives as possible. It's admirable, really. They just dive in and blanket the situation with firepower. In this case, they blow open Tom's safe house and fire on everything that moves -- but crafty Tom escapes in a new Mustang. (Did you catch his ad?) There's a car chase with some intense gear shifting and sprays of bullets, but the Serbs corner our teacher/spy and he comes out with his hands up. What do you think they're going to do with him?

NEXT: Liz gives Tom the third degree...

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