The Blacklist recap: Bring Me His Head in a Box

Tom Keen gets crazy and Agent Ressler gets rampage-y on the hunt for Yakuza druglord Mako Tanida
Ep. 16 | Aired Mar 17, 2014


We quickly see the next federal agent get bumped off a bridge. [Body count: 2] And Ressler panics, worried about his girlfriend, which is sweet – except that Tanida has conspicuously not killed any of the spouses. But Ressler is blind in love, so he valiantly goes to get his girlfriend Audrey to safety, drawing her right into the crossfire. Tanida crashes his car in to Ressler’s fleeing suburban, knocking his girl friend’s head into the window and splashing blood everywhere. In a very sexy rage, Ressler jumps out of the mangled car and runs at Tanida. They wrestle for control of Tanida’s gun, and in the chaos Tanida shoots Audrey (who has gotten out of the car in a foolish move that I will blame on her concussion) over Ressler’s shoulder. The poor woman dies in Ressler’s arms. Heartbreaking for Donald Ressler, who only got her back a couple months ago when he was in the hospital with his own gunshot wound. [Body count: 3]

In Liz’s life, Tom walks into the kitchen to find his wife getting chummy with Jolene, who is laying it on thick with the girl-next-door charm. Lizzie -- whose instincts usually fail her as well (how are these people federal agents?) -- gives her cell phone number to Jolene in case she needs help finding an apartment in the area. Tom is clearly seething. He takes Jolene to his artfully rustic warehouse spy lounge. He keeps a nice car in there and a lot of cameras and too many lamps and an art installation of chairs nailed to the wall and the requisite corkboard of photographs yarned together with newspaper clippings that show he is tracking the connection between Liz and Reddington. He says that as far as he can tell, their paths have crossed at “key points in the past 20 years: Quantico, Baltimore. I believe Reddington was funneling money through the adoptive father for years.” All things we know already. And he’s made a drawing of the black site where Liz works.

He acknowledges to Jolene that he was once sitting right next to Reddington. “I could’ve put a bullet in his head.” But “that wasn’t your mission,” she replies, elaborating that “Berlin is getting worried.” Ok, so far we know he’s not contracted to kill Red or Liz, just gather information. He also admits that he had to go dark after Liz found his box of passports and cries about the surveillance team that moved in across the street, wondering who was responsible for that. We knew that wasn’t Red because those crazies tried to kill Liz and Red would never do that. And if they weren’t working for Tom, then who the hell is responsible for that? Maybe his agency overstepped him? Tom did say that he hasn’t been contacted in two years. Or else it’s yet another crew that wants to get to Red through Lizzie. 

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