The Blacklist recap: To Catch a Thief

Madeline Pratt enlists Red to help her with some Indiana Jones plot to steal an Egyptian relic
Ep. 14 | Aired Feb 24, 2014

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

There’s a party at the Syrian Embassy to which Liz will be invited, and she’ll sneak into the vault there. Madeline has everything covered except for a security badge that Liz needs to get from some poor schmuck who wears his key card on his outer jacket lapel and gets his coffee at 4 p.m. every day. (Their security is airtight.) So Liz does a “brush past” and swipes the card. Aram sits in a van and duplicates the card, but they need a distraction to buy a little more time, so Ressler jumps out of the white van and runs directly into the Syrian, spilling coffee everywhere. Then, like this poor man is in a pinball machine, Liz does a second “brush past.” As if he wouldn’t notice that he’d been pawed in the chest three times in his walk to the coffee cart. In the meantime, Sticky Fingers Liz reveals she swiped Madeline’s SIM card when she palmed her phone, so they can search her phone records. Nice going.

As Lizzie is slipping into her undercover evening wear, Tom proposes that they spend the weekend in Orlando, since he has to go there for a conference. What do you think she says? Honey, you know I work 24 hours a day catching international crime bosses, so I won’t be able to make it? Honey, I’m deeply suspicious about your murky past, so no I don’t want to go to Florida where all freaky, unsolved crimes happen? Nope. She says yes.

The first sign of trouble starts when Reddington tells Liz that Madeline is dating a Russian Mafioso and the two of them will be at the party tonight. “Why would she hire us to steal the effigy when she’s obviously planning on stealing it herself?” Lizzie asks. There’s only one answer to that question, but they don’t bother dwelling on it. Full speed ahead.

Meanwhile back at the P.O., Cooper tells Malik he wants her to investigate the suspected murder of Diane Fowler. “Who did he talk to? I want to know everything.” Cooper says, not realizing that it’s Malik who talked to Reddington. Behind the curve again, Coop.

At the party, the heist begins with Red telling Lizzie: “You’re not a cop tonight. You’re a criminal. Just be yourself.” Subtle, Red. Real subtle. Lizzie tells Red she made up the Omaha story, but he doesn’t buy that and neither do we.

The heist unravels when Lizzie triggers the alarm on the safe. Clearly this was a set up by Madeline, who then fingers Red as the thief, and amidst the chaos she pinches the effigy from the safe room. But the best scene in the show is when Reddington pretends to be Lizzie’s gay friend in order to distract the gun-toting guard who's got her tied to a chair. “Do you have any idea whose horn this tramp is blowing? It starts with Bashar and ends with Assad gassing you faster than a Sunni.”

The burglary was a bungle and Cooper is T.O’d, guys. Where is Red? Off dealing with Madeline in his own way. Well the Feds want to be doing something too, so they round up a man whose father stole the effigy from the British Museum years earlier. (Where was this amenable informant yesterday?) From their conversation with him, they realize that the Kundur Six isn’t a list of names, it’s a list of coordinates for nuclear weapons hidden across the United Sates by the Soviets. Whoa, upping the stakes.

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