The Bachelorette recap: Close to Home

Andi's meet-cutes with the parents are overshadowed at the last minute by some sad news about "one of their own."
Ep. 08 | Aired Jul 7, 2014

THE AWFUL TRUTH: Andi gets the news from Harrison that Eric Hill died after a paragliding accident.

You snooze, you looze, dude—we're on to Arlington, Iowa! "It's a pretty simple place, but it's a beautiful place," says Chris, leaning against a combine (or something) in his plaid shirt and quilted vest from J.Crew's "farmer chic" line. Though Andi claims she's "open" to the idea of living in Iowa, we all know the real reason she's here: "Chris is definitely looking good today." He seems even sexier to her once she learns he owns a house and knows how to operate heavy machinery. "Chris is, like, the epitome of a man when he's driving that tractor and plowin' that field," she purrs. "He's the hottest farmer ever."

Not as hot? The idea of living in Iowa. Unfortunately, it's non-negotiable for Chris. He knows, however, that Andi would be making a big sacrifice if she relocated to Iowa. It's not like she can commute to the Dancing with the Stars set her office from Arlington. "What would I do here?" she asks Chris. Well, you could try drinking. Oh, sorry, Andi means, what would she do for a living. Chris' joking response—"Well, there's an opportunity to be a homemaker"—was quickly turned into yet another misleading and incendiary promo by Team Bachelorette. But seriously, folks, Cedar Rapids must need lawyers, right? Andi plays along, and even goes so far as to insist that she's not really a city girl—after all, her family has a lake house in Middle of Nowhere, Alabama. If that doesn't give her cred with the Modern Farmer crowd, nothing will.

After declaring his love for Andi via airplane banner, Chris takes the Bachelorette to his parents' house for a (presumably) farm-to-table dinner. Chris' family is a warm and welcoming bunch who put Andi at ease with fart jokes and embarrassing, underwear-related stories about their brother. They also casually mention that Chris is "phenomenally successful," just to make sure the Bachelorette knows she wouldn't just be marrying a farmer—she'd be marrying a rich farmer. Mom Linda, bless her heart, is so eager for her baby boy to settle down that she lays it on thick with Andi: "You'd have beautiful babies!" and "You're a tough cookie, I can tell by lookin' atcha!" and "I love you already!"

Side note: I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to play a fair game of Ghost in the Graveyard when the ghost is being tailed (and illuminated) by a camera crew. End of side note.

Tampa time! Andi arrives in absurdly short peach shorts (paired with a long-sleeved navy top—why???), and Josh immediately whisks her away to a baseball field for a playful round of batting practice. He makes a big deal of the outing—"I don't take anybody out to my field except for my family," he tells Andi—and it's actually kind of sad to see how hard it is for him to enjoy the sport he once loved. But Josh continues to insist that he quit because he "realized what was important in life"—and that's helping his brother Aaron get picked in the NFL draft. You can see Andi bridle a little at the idea that someone else could be the center of attention in her potential future family—"There's definitely part of me that fears tonight is all going to be about Aaron," she admits—but she puts on a happy face to greet Josh's kin.

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