The Bachelor recap: In Defense of Juan Pablo?

The Women Tell All special brings back familiar faces -- human and canine -- and Andi, Sharleen, and Renee all give Juan Pablo a "fair" chance
Ep. 10 | Aired Mar 3, 2014

ABOUT LAST NIGHT Andi tells Chris Harrison what exactly happened in the fantasy suite with Juan Pablo.

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However, Andi is not going to leave without also clarifying some things: "The things he said were entirely inappropriate and rude, but he wasn't mean to me. I think that should be made very clear. He was never mean to me. The things he said made me feel cheap, and I think sometimes it's just, he doesn't think about it. So it's not that the intent is there, it's just that there's no filter there." She adds, "You can't just say whatever you want to say without someone having their feelings hurt." And, as we all know, the day after the date, she felt like he wasn't listening to her, but rather repeating "It's okay" over and over. (Note: Her impression of his accent is amazing.)

All this aside, Andi is still looking for that great love that she knows exists. Yes, Chris, she still believes. And yes, she will continue to search for it. But will she do it on your show?! (You're welcome for picking up what you're putting down, ABC.)

And finally, send in the Bachelor! Andi takes a deep breath when she sees the handsome fella, but the rest of the girls seem calm and collected. Juan Pablo believes he "can have some friends here," and that "it'll be fine." Then he looks over and gives Andi a special "Hi." Chris wastes no time asking Juan Pablo if he would change anything. Not surprisingly, the answer is no. Juan Pablo says he's been realistic, mature, and of course, honest since day one. "Sometimes that happens to seems a little rude and yeah, sometimes it happens to be that way, but at the same time, I'd rather not being appreciated being honest than being appreciated not being honest." He adds, "When you're honest to somebody, it's definitely going to hurt." And, with a cute (?) nod toward Andi: "And it's okay." Yes, he knows he says that a lot.

Lauren tries to call him out on using Camila as an excuse not to kiss her, but Juan Pablo doesn't budge on his position. He wasn't there to kiss 27 women. Specifically, with Renee, he talks about a deleted scene where she told him about how crushed Ben was when Renee broke up with her last boyfriend, and that story is what made Juan Pablo so cautious with her. So yes, he had two "special ones," and one of them would like to speak now. Hey Cassandra! "If you were caring about Ben's feelings, then you wouldn't have done the hometown and met Ben and then just to send Renee home ... If Renee wasn't for you, then you should've never met her son." Once again, Juan Pablo isn't budging. He introduces his daughter to people on the first date, he says, but as a "friend." (We know, we've seen it.) And by playing the culture card, he seem to have won that battle.

On to all this "fair" talk! Some women want to know why Renee and Cassandra were "special." All of them gave up stuff to be here! Okay, are we really bringing this up? They're single moms, people! Andi steps in: "It's not him putting Cassandra and Renee above us, I think he just saw them differently." She mentions how he sent Cassandra home the minute he realized they weren't meant to be. Andi continues, "I have parts that I'm gonna defend him for. There's parts that I think he was a jerk and I have no problem saying that to him -- and he knows that -- but you know, I'm just honest about it, and there's things that I liked and there's things that I still don't like about it." His response: "It's okay." The two share a chuckle and I suddenly have a little bit of faith in Juan Pablo restored.

On to the things Andi doesn't like. They were all looking for a husband and felt he wanted a girlfriend. This time, Sharleen is there to defend him. Chris asks her if Juan Pablo took this process seriously. "Yeah, but I'm getting the feeling that other girls feel differently than I did, but I just felt like he did ask those questions and was interested in where we'd traveled and what it was like to live in a foreign country and struggle with another language. We got to know each other, but you know, ultimately he can't end up with all the women." Or perhaps he was just more interested in Sharleen? Juan Pablo doesn't really help anything when he adds, "It is what it is."

Oh hey Lucy! Please keep your comments about each relationship being "unique" to yourself. We all know your relationship was one-of-a-kind.

NEXT: "Stop using 'English is my second language' as a cop-out."

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