The Bachelor recap: I'm Okay, You're Okay

Andi makes a shocking discovery about Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suite that makes her question everything she ever believed about her televised search for human companionship.
Ep. 09 | Aired Feb 25, 2014

MAD ABOUT YOU: Andi gives the Bachelor several pieces of her mind.

Rose ceremony day. Nice to see you, Mr. Harrison! I hope you're here to tell Juan Pablo that Andi's currently somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean right now, so he can stop feeling "horrible" about who to send home. Wait – what? You're here to introduce the personal videos from the "ladies"? I've literally never wanted anything in my life more than I want to see Andi's video right this very second. Of course we have to sit through message from Nikki (predictably pert with a side of irritating) and Clare (predictably filled with tiny little hair tosses) before we get to Andi's tape. It starts out innocuously enough -- "I saw myself go from having just a crush on you to having genuine feelings for you" -- but ends abruptly, after Andi informs the Bachelor that she had "a lot of thoughts" after the Fantasy Suite, and "I don't want to share those thoughts with you in a video message. I want to share my thoughts with you in person."

Well okay then! Take a seat, Juan Pablo, because you's about to get dumped. Andi coolly but politely explains to the Bachelor that after the Fantasy Suite, "I realized that I wasn't in love with you and that I wasn't going to be," but his response -- "It's good that you tell me how you feel, and if you don't think it's me, that's okay" -- reveals all of the anger bubbling under Andi's calm surface. "It's not okay!" she insists. "I left behind a family and friends and a job, and I missed weddings, I missed things, and I did that all willingly... You saying 'It's okay' comes off to me as you not having feelings." Juan Pablo tries to ascribe his seemingly dismissive choice of words to a language barrier, but now that Andi's had her sight restored, she's not gonna go back to being blind. "You don't know why [I was] nervous about you meeting my family, because all your response is, 'It's okay, it's okay.' Everything's always 'It's okay.' I want to die if I have to hear 'It's okay' again. I can't handle it."

As delicious as it is to hear a "lady" finally, finally laying into a Bachelor for being a self-absorbed hunk of muscles and hair gel, Juan Pablo's response -- "What do you want me to do?" -- is, to be fair, very reasonable. This is, after all, week 9. If hearing "It's okay" 100 times per conversation was too much for her, she could have left three countries ago. But maybe she didn't reach the end of her rope until Juan Pabs made some joke about her being in the final 3 "by default" during their time in the Fantasy Suite. "Do I appreciate honesty? Absolutely. Do I think in my opinion you take it too far? Absolutely," says Andi, who clearly isn't buying Juan Pablo's ESL defense ("that word doesn't come out of my mouth ever, because I don't know that word that much"), and his assertion that he merely joked that Andi "barely made it here" does not help matters at all.

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