The Bachelor recap: Family Planning

Nikki, Andi, Renee and Clare take Juan Pablo home to meet their loved ones -- and most (but not all) of the parents are surprisingly okay with the idea of their daughter marrying the Guy From TV.
Ep. 08 | Aired Feb 24, 2014

ALIVE WITH PLEASURE: Doesn't this look like one of those cigarette ads that doesn't actually show any cigarettes?

Andi's date (Atlanta, GA)

Before we begin, can someone please explain the ombre hair trend to me? Why would anyone want two-toned hair? Is this actually still a trend or is it over and Andi didn't get the memo? (End of unrelated hair rant.) Anyhow, Andi greets Juan Pablo with a giddy smile -- and then throws down a challenge: "Let's shoot some guns!" Yes, let's! Nothing says romance like lethal weapons. So it's off to Sharp Shooters USA, where Andi proceeds to murder a defenseless paper target without even breaking a sweat. "It was really hot," admits Juan Pablo. When the gun is in the Bachelor's hand, however, things aren't quite so sexy – it's miss, miss, miss, miss, miss... eventual bullseye. Hopefully Juan Pablo's confidence isn't completely shot (heh heh) by the experience, because Andi thinks what comes next is going to be even tougher: "My family can be really skeptical," she says. "I am panicking a little bit inside."

What are you so nervous about, Pookie? Your family seems very sweet. Well, I mean, your dad is clearly a little annoyed by the whole situation – "So they're down to eight [girls] and you still had not had a one-on-one date yet?" he asks his daughter drily -- but he's just being a protective papa/completely reasonable human being. "I saw the sense of disapproval on my dad's face within the first five minutes," laments Andi. Indeed, Hy is not having it. "Up until now it's just fun and games," he harrumphs to the camera. "He's an attractive guy with three other girls." Dad's face gets redder and redder as the evening goes on, leading up to his epic-yet-understated dismissal of Juan Pablo: After 30 years of marriage, says Hy, he's got "two wonderful children, a good son-in-law, and... a visitor!" Oooh, BURN.

After a brief respite with Andi's mom Patti -- who eschews uncomfortable "How many girls were left at that point?" queries and instead asks Juan Pablo to show her a few salsa moves -- the Bachelor is back in the hot seat with Hy. "What in the world made you go on this show?" he asks Juan Pablo. (Short answer: "Because they asked.") Nor will Hy play nice and give Juan Pabs his token blessing for the camera. "You're a father. Reverse roles for a second. If somebody came to you, that was dating three other people, and said to you, 'If I do, will you...?' My answer to you is, I won't answer you," says Hy. "The person that is going to be good enough for my daughter is going to come to me and say, 'There is no one else in the world for me.'" OMG YOU GUYS, HY FOR THE NEXT BACHELOR! (EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT HE'S ALREADY MARRIED!) Juan Pablo -- bless his not-so-bright heart -- is totally unfazed by the verbal spanking. "That was tough," he admits. "But his answer was very honest, and I like that."

Over in another room, Andi and her sister Rachel are doling out the honesty, too. Andi admits she's "not there yet" with Juan Pablo but she could see herself arriving there at some point. Rachel breaks the bad news to her sister that she's not really sensing a real connection between Andi and Juan Pablo. (Jeez, thanks Debbie Downer!) Despite all of this discouragement from her family -- or perhaps because of it? -- Andi ends the evening feeling more "there" than she was at the beginning. "I am very, very close to being in love with him," she says, beaming.

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