The Bachelor recap: Squeeze Play

Juan Pablo and the "ladies" soak in the beauty of New Zealand, while the Bachelor reluctantly begins shrinking his harem -- and even sends one woman home before the rose ceremony.
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 10, 2014

WET AND WILD: Andi and Juan Pablo embrace life during their one-on-one date


At first I was not really paying too much attention to what Kat and Juan Pablo talked about during their one-on-one time -- primarily because I was so annoyed by her repeated use of the non-word "journaling" (journal is not a verb; it is a noun) -- but I tuned back in just in time to hear Kat say that when she was 5 she had to climb into her sister's crib to soothe her to sleep because their dad was passed out drunk on the bed. Oh man -- I think Chelsie's in trouble. There's no way he can dump Kat after hearing a story like that, is there?

Actually, he can. The ceremony's three roses go to Nikki, Renee, and Chelsie, leaving Kat to chew her cheek in dismay. She manages to smile through two goodbye hugs with Juan Pablo before letting some tears fall in the Reject Limo. Don't cry, Kat -- you're way more normal (and therefore a better "catch") than most of the "ladies" who ride in the back of a Bachelor limo.

There's more crying going on back at the ceremony staging area, and it's all being done by Sharleen. "I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to be going on, but at the same time I feel like it's wrong somehow," she admits. "To be honest, I can see other girls here suiting him better." The other women beam with delight as Juan Pablo informs them of their next destination -- Miami! -- but all Sharleen can muster is a barely-there smile and a thousand-yard stare. "I'm going to give it another week and see if there's something that I'm missing," she tells Team Bachelor. "If I absolutely cannot see myself with Juan Pablo, I think it's best if I leave." Here's your hat -- what's your hurry, honey? If the previews for next week are any indication, we'll have plenty of drama next week even if you do leave, courtesy of "piece of work" Nikki and her sidekick, "f---ing crazy" Clare.

But I'd better not get ahead of myself, rose lovers. First I want to hear your thoughts on this week's "adventure." Was Juan Pablo right to mercy-kill Cassandra's hopes before the rose ceremony? Is Nikki the one to beat, or could Renee squeak past her for the win? When do you think things will go to hell with Clare? (It's definitely a question of when, not if.) Is there enough Purell in the world to kill all the sheep-poop germs on Juan Pablo's hands? Post your thoughts now! And be sure to check out Chris Harrison's blog over on PopWatch. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go wash my hands until they bleed.

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