The Bachelor recap: Squeeze Play

Juan Pablo and the "ladies" soak in the beauty of New Zealand, while the Bachelor reluctantly begins shrinking his harem -- and even sends one woman home before the rose ceremony.
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 10, 2014

WET AND WILD: Andi and Juan Pablo embrace life during their one-on-one date


That was a rough one. But Team Bachelor's all, Look over here! Two little lambs are frolicking on the hill! Have you ever seen anything so intensely cute in your entire life? Well, no, I can't say that I have. Thanks, guys. Meanwhile, Clare is getting ready for her second one-on-one date -- and gearing up to confront Juan Pablo again over the Incident. "There's a difference between being honest and hurting someone's feelings," she explains. "And it hurt my feelings, what he had to say." Unfortunately, he's about to say it again: "You caught me off guard, and you were so happy. I was like, 'If I say no, she'll be devastated right now.'" And seeing as the guy doesn't kiss or even hold hands with his girlfriends in front of Camila, in retrospect he really couldn't justify the after-midnight sea grope. None of this goes over very well with Clare, who clearly remains irked -- at least until Juan Pabs admits he was "pissed" at himself for making her cry. She promises not to shed any more tears over him, on one stern condition: "Just don't make me sad." (Easier said than done, toots.)

By dinnertime, Clare has convinced herself that Juan Pablo actually "apologized" to her for making her "feel bad" about the ocean incident. "I think that you took it like a man and, like, came back and made it right," she tells him. "Little things like that just show that you care." Yes, Juan Pablo, Clare's heart is melting -- so much so that she's even willing to put on baggy sweatpants and have an ultra-casual dinner by the fire. Clare, will you accept this elastic waistband? Oh, and the date rose too, if you want it.

With only seven women left, it's imperative that Juan Pablo sits down for a pre-cocktail party debrief from The Bachelor's resident relationship shaman, Chris Harrison. Juan Pablo tells him that he'll be looking for "quality" conversations with the women (uh-oh), and also just trying to determine "whether or not I feel something." (I would assume the latter is his goal every day of this "adventure," but who knows.) Whatever happens, the Bachelor is feeling optimistic. "I'm thinking of being down on one knee proposing," he tells Chris. "To who, that is the question."

Kat, Chelsie, Renee and Nikki are wondering that as well, as they're the only ones heading into this cocktail party without a rose. Even so, Nikki the nurse -- encased in an off-the-shoulder red minidress -- doesn't seem too nervous, perhaps because she and Juan Pablo have such a special "connection." Exhibit A:

Juan Pablo: [I'm wearing] pink underwear, by the way.

Nikki: Oh! I like a man in pink.

Juan Pablo: I like pink a lot.

Nikki: I like you a lot.

Juan Pablo: Oh really? How come?

Nikki: Um, I just do.

Juan Pablo and Nikki: [making out]

No wonder that Chelsie and Kat are worried about getting a rose tonight – who can compete with the indescribable bond Juan Pablo shares with Nikki? Chelsie deals with her anxiety by explaining to Juan Pablo why her last relationship fell apart -- commitment issues, basically -- while making emphatic hand gestures. He assures her that she's "here for a reason," which is exactly what she wants to hear. "If I were to stick around, that would leave Kat to go home," she explains. "And that's a good feeling." (Damn, that's cold, Chelsie.)

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