The Bachelor recap: Squeeze Play

Juan Pablo and the "ladies" soak in the beauty of New Zealand, while the Bachelor reluctantly begins shrinking his harem -- and even sends one woman home before the rose ceremony.
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 10, 2014

WET AND WILD: Andi and Juan Pablo embrace life during their one-on-one date


The next day, Sharleen, Chelsie, Renee, Nikki, Kat, and Cassandra head to the rolling, sheep-filled hills of Rotorua, where Juan Pabs has a picnic waiting for them in the middle of the emerald expanse. But admiring nature's beauty is boring -- especially when you can strip down to your bathing suit and roll down a hill in a giant hamster ball called an Ogo, right? Juan Pablo is definitely in his element. "Six beautiful women, me switching from Ogo to Ogo..." And switch he does, from Kat to Chelsie and Renee to Nikki, who finds the clear plastic sphere so arousing she can't stop her mouth from pouncing on him... twice.

Wow, how could this date possibly get any sexier? With a trip to the shire, of course! This time around, Team Bachelor is making up for their woeful lack of Lord of the Rings-themed activities the last time they came to New Zealand by setting tonight's cocktail party at Hobbiton, home of Frodo, Bilbo, and assorted other hairy-footed little creatures. Renee gets the first one-one-one chat, where the Bachelor says she and Cassandra are his "special ones," and Renee tells him that attitude is exactly why she and Cassandra had a "mommy moment" the night before. "It gives us a lot of hope," she admits. And he LOVES it. Time for a smial-side selfie!

Nikki parks herself on the bench next, and since she's in it to win it ("What I want to leave here with is a husband"), she knows it's time to break out the f-word. "It's kind of scary, because, you know, I... I... I feel like I'm totally falling for you," she reveals. "No matter what happens, I don't want to have any regrets." Sharleen may not have that luxury, though. As soon as she sits down with Juan Pablo, he lurches at her lips. "You cut right to the chase, don't you?" jokes Sharleen, who pries herself away from him to explain that she's feeling anxious because the Bachelor "process" is "a little inorganic." (A little inorganic? Girl, it is the Cheetos of romance.) Juan Pablo tells her to chill out ("Just live this, enjoy this, make the best out of this") and starts smooching her again to shut her up.

Happy 22nd birthday, Cassandra! Man, you still don't have a husband? What are you waiting for? Time's a wastin'! Better "dig deep" and see if Juan Pablo is the father figure you (and Trey) are looking for. Cassandra's one-on-one doesn't cover a lot of new territory -- she tells the Bachelor that she used to focus all of her energy on Trey but now she realizes she "has so much more love to give," etc. -- but she comes across as genuine. Even Renee is rooting for Cassandra to get the date rose... but it goes to Sharleen the Childless, who accepts it with another irritating, "Yes, sir!" And just as Cassandra's trying to yank the arrow out of her heart, Juan Pablo pulls her aside for an outdoor chat in the rain. Oh no, now he's listing all of her good qualities! "It's so hard for me, because you're gorgeous, you're so nice..." Just rip the band-aid off, dude. Rip it off! "I don't want you to wait two more days to see your son," he tells her. "After today... I need to let you go." So it's off to the Reject Jeep for Cassandra. Safe travels, mama.

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