The Bachelor recap: Sea Change

After a clandestine ocean encounter with Clare in Vietnam, Juan Pablo realizes he's got to spread the love around to the rest of the "ladies"
Ep. 05 | Aired Feb 3, 2014

REGRETS, HE'S HAD A FEW: Clare is so very sad that Juan Pablo had second thoughts about their late-night hanky-panky


After his sweet, ripped-from-a-romantic-comedy moment with Renee, though, Juan Pabs is starting to feel regret about his tawdry, ripped-from-a-softcore-porn moment with Clare in the ocean a few days back. "Maybe I made a mistake the other night, taking it too far with Clare," he tells Team Bachelor. "It wasn't fair to the other 10 girls that are in the house." So he proceeds to tell Clare that "maybe it wasn't right," and "I'm trying to be as fair as possible." And if Camila ever saw what happened? Ay, yi yi, that would be bad. At this point, Clare realizes that Juan Pablo wants to pretend like their little aquatic hook-up never happened, and that fact drives her to tears. Juan Pablo tries to calm her down -- "I'm just letting you how I feel, so you understand" – but of course Clare needs to make this all about Clare. How embarrassed she is. How stupid she feels. How sad she is about everything. But in fact what she really feels is angry. "He was on board with everything" that happened in the ocean, Clare tells Team Bachelor. "It's confusing!"

The "ladies" definitely notice the tension between Clare and Juan Pablo when they return to the group, but Clare claims her red eyes and sniffles are the result of "bad allergies," as opposed to "bad judgment." She slinks away to cry some more, of course, and Juan Pablo chases after her, of course. She essentially demands that he take the blame for the transgression -- "Why didn't you say no?" -- and, ever the people-pleaser, Juan Pablo agrees. "It was my mistake too," he admits. "I should have said no, but maybe I would have hurt you." In other words, toots, he took pity on you. Can we all just move on now?

When it's time for Juan Pablo to take his leave for the rose ceremony, there's at least 10 full seconds of awkward silence before Harrison arrives to fetch him from the group. Naturally all of the "ladies" without roses are incredibly nervous. "Juan Pablo spent more time tonight with Clare than anybody else, and she already has a rose," says an anxious Andi. "Let's not forget that three people are going home!" Oh, we haven't forgotten, honey. Sharleen, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, and Andi join Nikki and Clare in the "safe" column, meaning that Alli, Kelly, and Danielle will not be moving on to the next round. "You'll find the right guy," Juan Pablo whispers to Danielle as he hugs her goodbye, and then wipes away a tear. Awwww...

Well, rose lovers, this season finally has some drama -- are you happy? Whose side are you on -- Juan Pablo's ("I made a mistake") or Clare's ("Once again, things that could have been brought to my attention YESTERDAY")? And will you miss any of the departing "ladies"? I, for one, will miss Kelly's pointed sense of humor. Post your thoughts now! And be sure to check out Chris Harrison's exclusive blog over on PopWatch. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go harvest some lemongrass.

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