The Bachelor recap: Pop In the Name of Love

The "ladies" embrace their musical sides -- from K-Pop to opera -- on a trip to South Korea, while a rivalry brews between Nikki and Clare
Ep. 04 | Aired Jan 27, 2014

POP! Will you accept these rose-colored dance pants?

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Before dinner at the Korea House, Juan Pablo leads Sharleen out into an empty courtyard and asks her to sing for him. She's all like What? Oh, I could never...! and I have to feel comfortable with someone before I can share that side of me! and so on and so on... Toots, you're not fooling anyone. You can barely act as though you even like this guy -- don't bother pretending that your goal when signing up for this nationally televised dating show was not to get more exposure for your career. (I mean, everyone knows opera scouts watch The Bachelor.) Anyhow, she "reluctantly" unleashes a few runs, and after the notes finish echoing off of the stones, Sharleen slinks over to Juan Pablo, grabs his bottom lip, and pulls him in for a kiss. And he LOVES it.

By the time they sit down to dinner, Sharleen says her "skepticism is fading rapidly." After all, they both know how alienating it can be to live somewhere other than their home country, and they both want at least two more kids. Right, Sharleen? Sharleen? That silence you hear is the opera singer trying to decide whether to tell Juan Pablo that she might not want to spawn at all. "Kids, for me, is something that I never even thought about," she begins, hesitantly. "I have dated someone who had a daughter… I was not ready for that." And to Sharleen's credit, she admits that the idea of being with someone whose first love is and always will be his daughter -- well, she no likey. Oh my Lord in heaven Juan Pablo if you give her the rose after that I am going to come through that TV screen right now and smack your stubble-covered face! Welp, looks like I'm going to South Korea, folks: The Bachelor says he appreciates Sharleen's "honesty," and she gets the rose.

Okay, Andi, Alli, Kelly, Clare, Lauren and Renee -- you're up! Your "krazy" group date with Juan Pablo will feature a whirlwind of wackiness, from karaoke to street food to photo booth silliness to paddle boat races to... fish pedicures! Speaking of distasteful activities involving sea creatures, as soon as Clingy Clare tells Juan Pablo that she doesn't want to try octopus, that impish Bachelor leads them directly to a stand that sells toothpick-sized chunks 'o' tentacles. All of the other "ladies" down their octopus with no problems, but Clare can't help but make a big show of how she's too scared to try it. After lots of cutesy fussing, she finally chokes it down, and Kelly manifests her annoyance with this three-snap-worthy dig: I know you've swallowed bigger things than that."

At drinks that night, Renee -- who is quickly proving she's the most normal, grounded woman on the show -- decides it's time for her to make a move and give Juan Pablo a smooch. "He's so handsome and adorable," she reasons. "And he smells so good!" But her moves leave a little something to be desired. Note to women trying to land a single dad: Do not provide a single dad with the mental image of his child watching him kiss you before you try to kiss him. Sure enough, as soon as Renee brings up Camila's name, Juan Pablo starts doing some mental math: "I've kissed six girls already and I don't want my daughter seeing her dad kissing 20 girls, so I'm going to take a step back and I'm going to try not to kiss anybody tonight." Nice work, Renee! Now you've ruined it for everyone!

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