The Bachelor recap: Pop In the Name of Love

The "ladies" embrace their musical sides -- from K-Pop to opera -- on a trip to South Korea, while a rivalry brews between Nikki and Clare
Ep. 04 | Aired Jan 27, 2014

POP! Will you accept these rose-colored dance pants?

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Unfortunately for Nikki, none of the hundreds of Korean teens packing the multi-story mall for this concert appear to be visually impaired. The edits during the performance are so quick it's hard to tell if any of the "ladies" -- or Juan Pablo himself, who's also dancing -- are truly embarrassing themselves, but it's clear none of them are really following any of the predetermined dance moves. Mostly they just bounce up and down in groups, with Kat breaking free to undulate in her own imaginary spotlight. Lest she seem like too much of the party girl, though, Kat hastens to grab Juan Pabs during the post-show cocktails and tell him that she's "more than just, like, fun and games." In fact, Kat continues, her drive to become a "strong, successful, independent" woman stems from a tough upbringing: Her alcoholic dad left when she was five years old and essentially abandoned the family -- leaving her "awesome" mom to hold things together.

Oh dear, Nikki, you're probably gonna feel really awkward about this scene when you watch it back -- seeing as while Kat's over there opening upTM to Juan Pablo, you're back with the other "ladies" accusing Kat of playing to the cameras and mocking her for being "so on all the time." All of Nikki's trash-talking makes the other women uncomfortable... for Camila's sake, of course. "In this setting it's easy to become catty," says Danielle, in what may be her first full sentence of the season. "Nikki has done that and I don't feel like that's necessarily a good role model for Camila." Elise, meanwhile, tells Juan Pablo that he has to make sure he doesn't choose one of the "girls who aren't going to be, like, a good mother." (In unrelated news, Elise once starred in something called Yule Log Hotties.) Once Nikki gets her one-on-one time with the Bachelor, though, she's all sweetly shy and earnest about how "hard" the situation is for her since she wants something "real" -- oh, and did she mention that she works with kids every day and is a great diaper changer?  And he LOVES it. Nikki gets the date rose! As for the other "ladies," I think Elise sums up their feelings the best: "Uuugh. Yuck."

On that note, it's time for Sharleen's one-on-one. Granted, she looks as excited about the date as normal people are about waiting in line to buy stamps. "I don't know if he's the one for me," she admits. At least Juan Pablo is really looking forward to their time together. "She's my favorite one right now," he tells Team Bachelor. "Today's going to be a good day." The duo stroll through a Korean market, first shopping for souvenirs (a traditional Korean dress for Camila) and then eating exotic foods (no idea what they are, but they all come with their own exaggerated crunch sound effects). Over tea, Sharleen continues to condescend to Juan Pablo – but it's really more in the way she says things to him rather than what she says. "You've got a bit of a smart-ass side to you, but I mean that in a good way. It makes you interesting and not bland," she remarks coolly, without the tiniest hint of a smile. When Juan Pablo asks her what she means, Sharleen explains the definition of "bland" with the bored expression of an underpaid SAT tutor. That said, when Team Bachelor's confessional cameras come calling, Sharleen praises Juan Pablo for being "more fun than I expected." (Damned with faint praise yet again!)

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