The Bachelor recap: Whose Lie is it Anyway?

Tierra returns to defend her existence, but it's AshLee who steals the show with her tales of Sean's intimate confessions
Ep. 10 | Aired Mar 4, 2013

WHAT, ME BITTER? AshLee chides Sean for (allegedly) telling her there was "nothing" between him and her rivals.


And they keep having it, even during the commercial breaks. Thankfully, Team Bachelor keeps the cameras rolling to catch Sean and AshLee's whispered confab. "I would have never said something like that," he says. Snaps AshLee, "But you did! You did! I want to beat you right now because you said it." Once everyone's returned to their assigned seats and Harrison gives Sean the last word, the Bachelor offers one final denial and an olive branch of sorts: "Obviously I must have said something that misled AshLee and I'm sorry if I did."

Sadly, this year's blooper reel is far too short -- my favorites were the camera operator taking a dive while walking backwards on the wet Casa Bachelor cobblestones, and Jackie panicking over a sinister-looking duck -- and before you know it it's time for the finale preview. Rather, it's time for an extended season review with just a few scenes from next week's three-hour (kill me, people) event that we've already seen multiple times. Who's the letter from, you guys? WHO IS IT FROM??

So what did you think, rose lovers? Was AshLee telling the truth, or did she just want to sow seeds of discontent in his current relationship as her last act of revenge? (Or is the truth somewhere in-between?) Should Desiree cut some bangs, stat? And is it me or did Tierra's dent look less… dent-y tonight? Post your thoughts now! And be sure to check out Chris Harrison's behind-the-scenes blog over in PopWatch.

As for you Magic, Godspeed little puppy. Your daddy may be an evil genius, but he obviously loved you very much.

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