The Bachelor recap: Whose Lie is it Anyway?

Tierra returns to defend her existence, but it's AshLee who steals the show with her tales of Sean's intimate confessions
Ep. 10 | Aired Mar 4, 2013

WHAT, ME BITTER? AshLee chides Sean for (allegedly) telling her there was "nothing" between him and her rivals.


The final "lady" to take her spot in the hot seat is, of course, AshLee, who's working some quality revenge extensions and a form-fitting blue dress. Her wordless goodbye to Sean, she explains, wasn't about being "pissed" ("You look pissed!" insists Harrison), but more about feeling colossally misled and blindsided. "He'd been telling me, 'You're going to meet my family -- you and my sister are going to be best friends.' So this whole time I'm thinking, 'Huh, I got this,'" she admits. "And then all of a sudden I didn't." AshLee says watching the show back has helped her reel in her feelings for the Bachelor, primarily because he's a big ol' phony. (I'm paraphrasing.)  "With me he was just a southern gentleman, and with the other girls -- I mean, hate me for this -- but he kind of acted like a frat boy," sniffs AshLee. "Was he just pretending the whole time with me?"

Is it worth trying to explain to AshLee that Sean probably acted differently around her because he didn't feel comfortable enough to reveal his goofier, frat-boy side? Nah, let's just toss Sean to the Thunderdome crowd and see how they like his explanation! "There were times where I felt like I couldn't find that laughter with you," the Bachelor tells AshLee, once the screaming and catcalls from the audience dies down. "I just had to go with the two women that I felt I could create that family with that I want to." AshLee lets that "you have no sense of humor" blow glance off of her emotional armor and swipes back with a new attack: Why didn’t he come check on her while she sat alone in her hotel room waiting for the next flight out of Thailand? "But Sean, you're a gentleman -- you're supposed to be the man here... And knowing how much I've given to you, to not just say, 'Babe, are you okay?'"

Clearly if he had, the answer would have been "Hell no!", especially given the version of events that AshLee believes she just lived; in that version, claims AshLee, Sean told her he "had absolutely no feelings" for Lindsay and Catherine. A low murmur of oh, guurrrrrrrrrrrl rumbles through the audience.

Sean: I didn't say that.

AshLee: Sean.

Sean: I had absolutely no feelings for the other two women? I didn't say that.

AshLee: Twice, you didn't say that Sean?

Sean: I... promise that I didn't say that. I didn't and I wouldn't say that.

AshLee: Sean, come on.

This goes on for a while, and even after AshLee clarifies her accusation -- "Here's what you said, 'There's absolutely nothing between us,' that's exactly what was said" -- Sean continues to deny saying any combination of the words "feelings," "absolutely," "no," and "nothing." AshLee continues to insist that she's "not making that up," until eventually the whole Tealight Thunderdome is cloaked in a blanket of awkward silence. Um, Harrison, a little help here? "Well, I'm not sure if this helped or hurt," says the host. "But I am glad both of you got to finally have the talk that you didn't get to have in Thailand."

NEXT: RIP Magic.

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