The Bachelor recap: Sibling Rivalry

Hometown dates get derailed by Catherine's meddling sisters and Desiree's angry brother -- leaving Sean to decide which family he likes the least
Ep. 08 | Aired Feb 18, 2013

FOUR WOMEN AND A FUNERAL Desiree and Catherine wait to learn which one of them will pay the ultimate price, while AshLee and Lindsay are all, "We got this."


In the end, though, Pop gives the Bachelor his lukewarm blessing. What else can he do? Well, besides make us cry by telling us about the first time he saw his 4-year-old daughter-to-be: "AshLee walked in and right away I looked at her, and I looked at the [social] worker, and I said this was going to be really hard to give back. The moment that I saw her... I fell in love with her. So whatever man takes her for the rest of her life is going to have to fall in love with her like that." Don't cry, Bruce -- it's killing me! As is Sean's response to AshLee's umpeenth I love you: "You're the best."

All right Catherine, you're up! The graphic designer is from Seattle, so naturally she meets Sean at the Pike Place Market. And naturally, Team Bachelor has arranged for the poor guy to take a turn at seafood football, or whatever. After Sean and Catherine each take a turn at having local fishmongers hurl their wares at them, the giddy duo wander the market (trailed by a PA carrying releases for anyone who happens to step in the path of the camera), smooching and giggling all the time. Coos Catherine with a squeak, "I love how he smells. I love his big, beefy arms." And I thought AshLee's dad's speech was beautiful! Girl, I hope you incorporate that into your wedding vows.

The visit to Catherine's home starts off well, as Sean impresses Grandma by properly performing the manong gesture of respect. Granny's verdict: "Handsome. I'm going to get him!" It's all fun and games and pushups and rolling lumpia until Catherine's sisters Monica and India pull her aside for a come to Jesus talk. "Can you see yourself with, like, him and a family and kids?" asks Monica, perhaps a tad more skeptically than she meant to. "I feel like you're trying to convince us to, like, like him." Though Catherine insists "I wouldn't be here if I didn't care for this guy," Monica and India still bring the emotional equivalent of a sniper's rifle to their one-on-one with Sean. Monica kicks things off by saying Catherine always "goes in 100 percent with a guy," but things tend to fall apart when they progress beyond "fun." Then India chimes in with the news that Cathy's a total slob. "It's not that she's dirty," she explains helpfully. "It's just clothes everywhere. At all times." Oh, and did they mention that she's moody too? "She's very happy or she's very focused," says India.

Mom, help us out here. This is getting painful! "This is very unique. Will it work? I don't know. I don't want anybody to get hurt. I don't want my daughter to get hurt," Mom tells Sean as they crowd together in the small kitchen. "You don't want to lead her on, because we don't want that. She shouldn't lead you on because you wouldn't want that. Do you have any other questions for me?" Oh, and that blessing you wanted, Sean? Nope: "We'll see what happens." Way to shut it down, Mama! I'm living for this family. Sighs the Bachelor, "Honestly, I don't know where we go from here."

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