The Bachelor recap: Eyebrow-Beaten

Ding-dong, the bitch is dead!
Ep. 07 | Aired Feb 11, 2013

THE BRUNETTE HAS TWO FACES Tierra is all smiles during her one-on-one with Sean.


Over dinner, she tries to get things back on track by making the Bachelor feel guilty for acting "distant" and then fishing for compliments. "I feel like I am behind in the game," she sighs. "I'm like, I have so many feelings for this guy, and I feel like he doesn't so much." Caught off guard, Sean tells her the truth: "I think it probably has more to do with the drama and the women in the house -- that may have put us a little bit behind." Oh, snap. Tierra is gonna cut a bitch. But first she's gonna play the L card. Wrapping her arms around the Bachelor's neck, she whispers, "I'm falling in love with you." And Sean rationalizes to himself that he LOVES it. "She's probably not nice to the other women," he tells Team Bachelor, "but she's being genuine when she says she's here for me."

The next morning, Sean creeps in under the cover of darkness and scares the crap out of the "ladies" by awakening them with a flashlight and a digital camera. "Des, get up! It's time to start our date!" barks the Bachelor, shoving the lens in her face and snapping a picture. "I know girls hate being seen without makeup on," Sean explains via voiceover, as we watch him photographically assault Lindsay, Catherine, and Desiree. "I really wanted to see what they look like without makeup, so I brought a camera this morning. I hope none of them hit me." While Desiree and Lindsay are frantic about trying to make themselves presentable in five minutes, Catherine isn't breaking a sweat: "I just need a pee and I'm good to go!"

Good Lord, Sean, what's the rush? It seems the Bachelor has planned a day-long date that requires starting at the eastern-most point in the United States ("We are going to be the first four people to see the sunrise in the United States," he tells the women) and ending with the sunset on the other side of the island. Sean drives the jeep from roadside attraction to roadside attraction as Team Bachelor keeps flashing a clock on the screen to track the group's progress. All we need now is the 24 "beep-BEEP-beep-BEEP" noise.

By the time they make it to the opposite side of the island, Lindsay and Catherine decide it's time to step out of Desiree's shadow and make a play for the date rose. After telling Sean, "I have confidence in us," Lindsay does what she does best: makes out with him. Catherine takes a more serious approach, revealing to Sean that should he take her on a hometown date, he won't meet her dad, who lives in China. "When I was 14, my dad had a suicide attempt in front of my sisters and I," she tells the Bachelor. "He's still part of my life... but he won't be there, and it's kind of hard for me to deal with, because he's my dad." Despite having to manage a lot of confessions this season -- Des lived in a tent, AshLee grew up in foster care, Tierra claims to have a dead addict boyfriend -- Sean manages to keep his empathy levels impressively high. "I think Catherine sees my relationship with my dad... and I think she was a little scared that I might not like the fact that her dad is not an active part of her life -- and that's not the case."

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