The Bachelor recap: Eyebrow-Beaten

Ding-dong, the bitch is dead!
Ep. 07 | Aired Feb 11, 2013

THE BRUNETTE HAS TWO FACES Tierra is all smiles during her one-on-one with Sean.


Meanwhile, back at the beach, AshLee and the Bachelor are having a candlelit dinner. So, asks Sean, "Is there anything that we haven't covered that we should cover?" Oh, buddy, I hope you're comfortable, because AshLee's going to take the next several minutes telling you that she really has something to tell you and she hopes you understand why she hasn't told you before but she's going to tell you now because she as she's told you before she's always going to be honest with you and once she tells you she really hopes you can just move on and have fun for the rest of the night. Sean's face is all, Good GOD, can't there be one normal chick here? After all that, though, AshLee's secret really isn't all that shocking: She got married junior year in high school, and divorced a year later. "I thought you were going to tell me something terrible!" replies the relieved Bachelor. "I think you're perfect the way you are." Awwww... You know, I find AshLee pretty guarded and reserved to the point of boring, but I do think they're kind of cute together. Still, declaring her love for him before we even get to hometown dates? Girl, you gotta rein it in.

Speaking of over the top behavior, it's time for Sean's first one-on-one date with Tierra. "Yesterday AshLee sat me down and really explained to me why the other women don't like Tierra," says the Bachelor. "And that's why today I've gotta figure out is Tierra the sweet girl I thought she was, or is she not so nice like everyone else say she is?" Oh, this should be fun. Tierra and Sean stroll the streets of St. Croix, and while inside Tierra no doubt hates mingling with the Unwashed Masses ("I'm hot, I'm gross, I'm thirsty," she whines to the camera), outside she's all "This is the best day ever!" And he cautiously LOVES it. "I love this side of Tierra, but this is the side that I see most of the time," says Sean. "I don't get to see the dramatic side that the other women get to see, so it still leaves me with questions."

And when he asks those questions, Tiny T begins to dig herself a hole that may not be able to climb out of. "I try to talk to them, I try to get involved, but they go and do their own thing all the time and don't say a word to me," she pouts. Unfortunately for Tierra, though, Sean heard the exact opposite from AshLee, and he clearly thinks the latter "lady" is more trustworthy. When he continues to press Tierra -- "If you could do it over again, would you act differently in front of the other girls?" he asks her, avoiding eye contact -- the Tierrarist knows she's in trouble. "I feel like he's distant from me, and I don't like it," she says. "If I find out that another girl has thrown me under the bus, I'll definitely be pissed off."

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