The Bachelor recap: Northern Exposure

A trip to Canada results in yet another "near-death" experience for Tierra, while Sean is finally forced to reveal his lack of feelings for one well-liked "lady"
Ep. 06 | Aired Feb 5, 2013

FREEZE FRAME Tierra suffers the consequences of chilly tootsies after her polar bear plunge.


The "ladies" actually believe that Tierra is going to stay home and give them more time with Sean. Lesley is practically giddy during her alone time with Sean, telling him, "I love love, and to start that process again is absolutely amazing and incredible." Sarah uses her time to remind the Bachelor that she was a person with a life before she met him by showing Sean old family photos. "I just wanted to give you an idea of what my family is like," she explains. "I would love for you to meet them someday." Meanwhile, Tierra is back in her hotel room applying layers of war paint and shoving her frozen foot nubs into some high-heeled boots. "I'm going to the party!" she declares, dousing herself in a final cloud of perfume.

When she hobbles through the door of the lodge, the tension among the "ladies" is thicker than Tierra's eye-makeup. "Everybody watch your back," sneers Lesley. "We have a Tierrarist on our hands!" (Dude, I've been saying that for weeks.) Somehow, though, Sean must sense that his life would be in actual danger if he gave Tierra another pity rose, so he gives it to Lesley instead.

Everything's going so well, I'm thinking all we have to do is make it through another smoochy one-on-one date with Desiree and we're free for another week... but something's not sitting well with Sean. "There's a woman here tonight who told me just how much it would mean to her for me to meet her family," begins the Bachelor. (Side note, at this point I literally started muttering Oh no oh no oh no under my breath.) "But I don't see a forever with her." Yep, rose lovers, the time we all knew was coming has arrived: The one-armed girl is being sent home.

Sean arrives unexpectedly at the "ladies"' hotel room and asks to see Sarah for a few minutes. Once they're alone, he turns an even brighter shade of pink than normal and tries to let her down easy: "We closed it with a kiss tonight, and if I'm being completely honest, I just felt like we were reaching." Sarah reddens, too, yet maintains her composure. "That's the way love goes," she sighs, her voice cracking. She only allows herself to cry once Sean has dropped her off outside the hotel room, where she's expected to go back in and face the "ladies" with her news. When she finally makes her way inside, the women look genuinely sad -- though they're probably saddest about the fact that it wasn't Tierra who got the unexpected boot.

Though the timing of Sarah's departure was a surprise, the fact that Sean sent her home probably didn't shock any of us, right rose lovers? Still, she gives what is definitely the most heartbreaking exit speech of the season: "I wanted to hear his explanation because it's always the same," she says in her tearful final confessional. "'You're an amazing girl. I know how special you are and I want to connect with you so bad, but I don't. And someone is going to be so lucky to have you...' I just don't want to be told forever how great I am, what I deserve." Hang in there, honey -- eight million people watch this show, and I'm guessing at least one of them knows a nice guy to set you up with.

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