The Bachelor recap: Tierrarist Attack

Tiny T continues to tantrum her way into Sean's heart, while Leslie H. gets the Pretty Woman treatment
Ep. 04 | Aired Jan 28, 2013

HELL ON WHEELS Tierra gets her couples-skate time with Sean at the derby rink.


Phase two of the date commences at the requisite rooftop pool, and it's all smiles and relieved laughter about the near-death derby experience ("My favorite part of the day was when you said we weren't going to do it!" declares Lindsay with a giggle) until Sean starts pulling women aside for one-on-ones. As he's off telling Sarah that he's proud of her for facing her fear of looking foolish on the derby track, Lindsay and AshLee are back on the couch trying to make some conversation with Tierra. "You were really good at that," says AshLee, attempting to compliment Tiny T on her skating skills. Adds Lindsay, "Maybe that's something you should get into when you get back." Tierrarist scowls and offers a clipped and snippy, "No."

Her mood does not improve when Amanda arrives, all smiles and poor-little-me eyes. She doesn't even have the decency to have her jaw wired shut. Tierra cannot contain her rage, and when Robyn has the audacity to address a question about Amanda's accident to AshLee and Sarah -- not AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra -- she has to duck to avoid the shrapnel from Tierra's hate explosion. "I'm pretty sure I was on that team," she sneers at Robyn, who quickly and wisely removes herself from the situation. But Tiny T is on a roll and she's not going to stop bitching now. "I don't trust anyone here, and I don't understand why no one gets that," she huffs, and Sarah and AshLee look on, confused. "It's so annoying."

She storms over to a female Team Bachelor employee and announces that she wants to leaveā€¦ but not before she sows as much destruction as possible. "Where's Sean?" she demands, but no one has the courage to tell her, "Um, he's over on the couch making out with Lindsay." Team Bachelor must have pointed her in the right direction, though, because Tierra parks herself by the entrance to the hot tub and lies in wait for Sean and Lindsay. Buzzkill! But the Bachelor agrees to hear Tierra out, while poor, bikini-clad Lindsay heads back to the Candlelit Holding Pen to commiserate with the other women. "It's bad enough that I have to sit every day wondering, you know, like, how much time I'm going to really get with you and, like, living with all these women is just so hard. It's torture -- it's seriously torture," sobs Tierra to Sean. "I don't want to walk away giving up, but it's hard seeing you go with other girls... I'm so sensitive and so emotional when it comes to something I want to go after."

Sean listens patiently and then, using his best talk-the-jumper-off-the-ledge voice, tries to calm the angry beast. "I've been through what you're going through," he begins, adding that all she should focus on is figuring out whether she's "a good fit" for him. So just suck it the eff up, honey. "You know what I know?" Sean asks. "You like me, and you want to spend more time with me." Oh, Sean, you may think you're taking control of the situation, but in reality, Ms. Tierra just played you like the world's most muscular fiddle. Her tantrum got her exactly what she wanted: the date rose. "She's good," admits AshLee, grudgingly. "She's good at what she does."

NEXT: Congratulations, Leslie! You get to be Sean's beck-and-call girl!

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