The Bachelor recap: Falling Hard

Tierra trips over herself to get Sean's attention, Lesley seals it with an interminable kiss, and Kacie falls victim to the Bachelor Tattle-Tale Curse
Ep. 03 | Aired Jan 21, 2013

MARATHON MAKE-OUT Lesley and Sean go for the Guinness while Harrison and a bunch of bemused tourists look on.


The cocktail party gets off to a sweet start, when Sean brings Sarah out to the driveway for a surprise. As the limo drives up, she's understandably nervous -- "Are you sending me home?" -- but instead he's bringing a little piece of home to Casa Bachelor: It's her dog Leo! "I feel like such a hot mess," gushes a teary Sarah. "I've never felt so special." Not feeling so special? Jackie, who admits she hasn't "been able to connect with Sean on a level that some of the other girls have." And no one's going to get to talk to Sean tonight if Tierra has her way. When Desiree interrupts her one-on-one time, Tiny T is mad enough to "[bleeping] punch some walls," so she struts back out to the couch and "steals" the Bachelor back. This starts a series of beefcake robberies, as Lesley snatches Sean away from Tierra, Robyn pulls him away from Catherine, and Lindsay extracts him from Robyn. "I mean, girls are being ruthless!" says Sean. (All the while, poor Desiree just waits on the couch where the thievery began, like that guy in the cab at the end of Airplane!.)

Near the end of the night, Kacie makes her Hail Mary plea to Sean, apologizing for her insanity ("I don't think my delivery is what it should have been") and assuring him that she's "ready to move forward." Unfortunately for Kacie, just as Sean tells her that he feels like they "took a couple steps backwards" on the group date... her one-on-one is infiltrated by AshLee and Selma. Oh, and hey, here comes Harrison with his Butter Knife of Bad News! Sucks to be you, red.

Let the floral bloodbath begin! Or... maybe not. After picking up a rose and taking the excruciatingly long pause that is required of all Bachelors, Sean lets out a sigh and says, "Actually, before I do this -- Kacie, can I talk to you for a minute?" The "ladies" are worried: "He brought the rose with him!" whispers Taryn frantically. As it turns out, though, the flower was just an afterthought; Sean brought Kacie outside to give her a slightly-less-humiliating heave-ho: "I have way too much respect for you to make you stand through another rose ceremony if I just know in my heart that... we're better off as friends."

Goodbye, Kacie! You may be gone but you're not -- well, actually, who am I kidding? I've basically already forgotten who you are. Let's just tally up tonight's score, shall we? Sean hands out roses to Tierra, Leslie H., Catherine (cute dress!), Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie (skating by again!), Amanda (boo hiss!) and Desiree -- leaving Taryn and Kristy weepy and wistful. Later, "ladies"! As for next week... well, I'm not yet ready to process Robyn's exceedingly cheesy come-on to Sean ("Do you want a taste of chocolate?") so let's just say it looks like Tierra's manipulative meltdown will be deliciously entertaining.

Get those typing fingers ready, rose lovers – I want to hear what you thought of tonight's adventures. Did AshLee win you over with her one-on-one date? Did Tierra throw herself down the stairs, or do you think one of the "ladies" "accidentally" spilled some VO5 Hot Oil Treatment goo that Katie left behind in the bathroom? And could Lindsay the wedding dress prankster be an actual contender? Discuss! And don't forget to check out Chris Harrison's exclusive blog over on PopWatch to hear why Lesley and Sean had to go for the record twice and learn what little Leo left in the limo.

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