The Amazing Race recap: Tuk-ing With Gas

Teams orchestrate a tuk tuk traffic jam, make paper out of elephant dung, and hear a Sri Lankan guy play a flute
Ep. 06 | Aired Mar 30, 2014


Detour: Trunk or Sheets? Either way, you're working with elephants! Whoops; correction, in one of them you're sifting through elephant waste with your hands. Only four teams can do Trunk, the non-dung option, which requires them to specially attach a giant chain to an elephant so that the elephant can use it to carry a log over to a truck in its mouth. It's fascinating, to be sure, but I feel so bad for these elephants. Why should they carry our logs? The humans can carry the logs just fine, as exemplified by mechanical wizards Jet and Cord, plus Jessica and John, Dave and Connor, and Leo and Jamal. I guess the elephants' logs were bigger; plus, what's the point of people carrying logs when there are elephants around? Said the television. The television is always right.

Over at Dung, Caroline and Jennifer, Brendon and Rachel, and the Globetrotters "got all up in that elephant dung," as Caroline marvels. At least it doesn't smell! Knowing that actually really helps. They hand-mix the dung with other paper scraps (OMG, there's your paper, why do you have to make dung-paper?) and water, then smear it over a screen, press it to get rid of all the dung-bubbles (this is where teams got dung up, excuse me, hung up during the challenge), and laid the all-new environmentally friendly sheets of paper out to dry.

Brendon declares himself "The Poop Master," which I'm sure Rachel will appreciate once they have that baby he's promised her if they win the million bucks. (Healthy!) He's just resigned himself to eternal diaper duty. Congrats, Brendon.

Teams then race to the Heritage Rest -- Ambepussa Guest House, where they have to "let their ears guide them to the wise man" -- in this case, a long-haired guy speaking no words but playing a flute beautifully up in a treehouse-like setting. Phil?!? You look different. Just kidding, it's not Hippie Phil. Just a hippie.

Pretty nerve-wracking challenge, that last one! Thankfully, Genuine Button-Down Phil is at the Pit Stop Party at the Mount Lavinia Hotel Beach so the teams can all calm down -- once they've sprinted (in some cases head-to-head) to the mat.

"It's Cowboys vs. Indians. Indians took over today -- what's uuuuuup?" yell Leo and Jamal in triumph.

1st place and a trip to Berlin: Leo and Jamal!

2nd: Jet and Cord
3rd: John and Jessica
4th: Dave and Connor
5th: Brendon and Rachel
6th: Flight Time and Big Easy
7th: Caroline and Jennifer

But wait! It's a NON-ELIMINATION LEG, which I probably should have mentioned at the beginning of the article… but if I had, no one would've read it! Hey, that's how TV works, too.

NOTEWORTHY: How about Dave and Connor encouraging their taxi driver to send his brother -- the Globetrotters' taxi driver! -- in the wrong direction? We didn't hear exactly how it went down between the drivers; but when Dave and Connor heard the other driver didn't know where he was going, Connor said "Don't tell him, Babu," and Dave said "Send him in the wrong direction!" I guess it's the same thing as the Afghanimals telling their driver to edge out the Cowboys. Everyone's playing to win.

What'd you think of the episode? Would God approve of Dave and Connor's shady play, or does He have an "anything to win the Race!" attitude about all of this? Discuss!

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