The Amazing Race recap: Tuk-ing With Gas

Teams orchestrate a tuk tuk traffic jam, make paper out of elephant dung, and hear a Sri Lankan guy play a flute
Ep. 06 | Aired Mar 30, 2014


Meanwhile, Jamal, Dave, and Big Easy were also being aggressive -- in Big Easy's case, he has roughly the same heft and power of an actual vehicle, so he's able to muscle alongside his tuk tuks in a streamlined mechanical/human two-lane traffic hazard. Jamal is traffic-controlling everyone else's orchestrations. What gives him the right? Oh, why, he's Jamal. Just go with it. Daddy Dave will not, though. At one point Dave just full-on body checks Jamal's "freaking tuk tuk," complains Jamal. Dave may have an AARP card, but he's "still 20" and "breathes this game," the Afghanimals talk over each other in a confessional.

Cowboy Cord comes up with some sneaky strategy wherein he creates a whole new lane for his tuk tuks to get around the more traditional traffic -- or, he's "cutting everybody," according to Leo. Meanwhile, poor Caroline keeps getting hit by multiple tuk tuks but with no physical consequences; the whole thing is like a real traffic jam but a significant percentage of the obstructions are people trying to push the cars in different directions. In other words: your worst nightmare.

Somehow John avoids The Wrath of Dave (you know it's in there about to explode, possibly in the form of gas) and makes Pops wait his turn for a pump. "I feel like whoever is the most insane under those circumstances is the most successful," John says.

The Globetrotters finish first as Big Easy lifts his final tuk tuk onto his right pinky finger and spins it, creating a perfect coil of gas-pump-line that no one with regular human strength can untie in time to finish the task themselves. Something like that. No, all the teams survive, with Rachel taking out her frustration at herself by yelling at the tuk tuk drivers. She and Brendon almost miss the train to The Millennium Elephant Foundation in Rambukkana…. but they don't. We probably all wanted them to miss it in the moment just for the drama, but after the fact I'm glad the playing field has been leveled once again in time for the Detour.

I love how the casual Sri Lankan setting allows for great shots of the contestants just barreling over the train tracks in their quests to arrive at…. more tuk tuks! NO ESCAPE. These tricycle taxis will haunt their dreams for years to come. Anyway, these new tuk tuks take them down to the riverbank where, unfortunately, Leo and Jamal choose not to reenact their "we're about to drown while flashing perfect movie-star smiles" canoeing adventure from a few weeks ago.

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