The Amazing Race recap: Screeching to the Choir

Teams must sing in German before the Vienna Boys' Choir; tragedy ensues
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

THE SOUND OF 'MUSIC' Lacking in technical merit, Jamal boldly strives for a perfect score in artistic interpretation while warbling "Die Forelle," a song about a trout.


Meanwhile, Punching Bag Tim is actually really good at this, just like he's really good at most things. And Marie, in her way, is supportive from her perch at the center of the non-suffering non-singers. "I feel like you can do this because of your weird memory," she urges her partner after a just-barely-failed attempt. "GO FIX IT NOW!" Agh, she ruined it.

After an ingenious in theory but horrifying in practice decision by Travis to start the song a full octave lower than recommended, Travis and Nicky ("That was………. pretty good." and "It was…………………. acceptable," respectively) win the reluctant approval of the director and proceed first to the garden maze at Schönbrunn Palace. Nicky and Kim become indirectly responsible for TaxiGate later on, as their need for a ride prompts Jason and Amy's driver to remove their backpacks from his own car so he can accommodate the pretty girls. The Baseball Wive$ decide "not to even mess with that" and find their own taxi out on the mean streets of Vienna.

Jamal aces his second attempt with a flourish, then adorably lifts up the director and twirls him around, to the delight of his choir. Punching Bag Tim also succeeds thanks in large part, I think, to his awesomely enthusiastic instructor, whose wild bodily gestures were able to dictate the tone and pronunciation of each new word for him. She's the MVP instructor for sure. She also LOVED Tim. Tim, look at how many grown women love you! Why must you remain tethered to a child?

Upon exiting Masterpieceofcraptheater, Pinky decides she and her punching bag should steal Jason and Amy's cab. It's okay to do this, because in her mind, it's okay to do this. That's all you need to know. Tim doesn't get it. "The Afghanimals took their cab," she explains to a dumbfounded Tim. Their worried driver doesn't get it either. "No, it's okay. We're all blue," Marie tells him, showing off their Race materials. THEY'RE ALL BLUE. So it's fine!

"A million dollars…. Drinks with Jay and Amy after the show," Marie weighs the options in her empty hands. I mean, when she puts it that way….

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