The Amazing Race recap: Screeching to the Choir

Teams must sing in German before the Vienna Boys' Choir; tragedy ensues
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

THE SOUND OF 'MUSIC' Lacking in technical merit, Jamal boldly strives for a perfect score in artistic interpretation while warbling "Die Forelle," a song about a trout.


Roadblock: One team member must "join the choir" (read: train with a patient vocal instructor for hours) and learn how to sing Franz Schubert's "Die Forelle." They'll be judged on pronunciation of the German lyrics and musicality. Read: Everyone's screwed.

Ally loves performing, but is "actually extremely bad" at trying to speak other languages, while Nicky can pick up the language (she has a German-speaking, Czech dad) but, as partner Kim points out in a giggle fit, is like Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding -- the hot girl who cannot sing. During Nicky's practice session, the camera randomly zooms in on a shirtless guy mowing the lawns outside. No! Not the edelweiss! I'm disappointed when this fellow never reappears during the leg after this triumphant cameo.

"GET OUT OF THE CAR AND GET OUR BAGS," yells Pinky, because their taxi was slowing down and what else was she gonna do -- not berate her partner for a few seconds? Don't be absurd.

This Roadblock is one of the funniest and most cringe-inducing I've ever witnessed on The Amazing Race. My favorite part is watching the very polite Austrian kids try, very unsuccessfully, to sustain their uproarious laughter at the plight of the these warbling buffoons. I'm partial to the perpetually side-eyeing boy with the hipster glasses, but I also love the one who looks like an even younger Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks. "Stop. Stop, please," the director begs most first-triers. "That is…….. nicht gut."

Overachieving ER doc Travis has the words and rhythm down, but his notes are too high, whereas Jamal's performance value (pictured) is top-notch, but he needs to be on beat with the chorus and pianist. Ally just can't form words at all. Okie Tim's been down in the training pit a long time, and his instructor does NOT help by suggesting, "Try to imagine you are Justin Timberlake" and then -- moments later! -- "Sing like you're an opera guy." At some points, Tim is just lying flat on the ground in despair. (Sure, it's a singing technique, but despair is more accurate.)

NEXT: Punching Bag Tim swells in perfect harmony with his flailing instructor

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