The Amazing Race recap: Screeching to the Choir

Teams must sing in German before the Vienna Boys' Choir; tragedy ensues
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 3, 2013

THE SOUND OF 'MUSIC' Lacking in technical merit, Jamal boldly strives for a perfect score in artistic interpretation while warbling "Die Forelle," a song about a trout.


But teams also have the option to Fast-Forward straight to the Pit Stop at this point, by bungee jumping from the Donauturm -- the highest structure in Vienna which also boasts the most attractive and gently apologetic strap-you-in employee in Vienna. This tall drink of bottled Alps water and his red elastic headband (it's windy!) are a sight for sore eyes. But not to Jason and Amy, who arrive ready to jump and cannot because it's really too windy. "I don't want to give you false hopes," says this beautiful Austrian creature.

Jason doesn't wanna get all "geahhhhhhhed up" for the bungee jump if they can't even do it, while Amy wants to wait it out for 10-15 more minutes at the tall drink of water's suggestion. It's a trap! Maybe. Only the unpredictable weather conditions know for sure. Finally they head back to the lowly ground-level Detour. Meanwhile, Nicole and Travis can tell Jason and Amy are ahead of them, so they too decide to attend the masquerade ball instead.

Danny twists his ankle on the way to the masquerade? On, like, a sewer? It's never quite established. I'm reminded of how much I love practical German word combos like "Theatermuseum."

After not too much BRUTAL YELLING by Pinky, Marie and Tim recognize "themselves" in the colorful masks, putting them temporarily first in line to reach the Philkeoghanpedestal later on.But first, Marie needs a taxi. "Taxi? No?" she wonders outside. "Is this a sick joke?" Yeah, lady, the entire public transportation system of a major European metropolis is a sick joke wrought upon only you. Nicky and Kim find a taxi before Marie and Tim. Ha.

Teams must now proceed to Wiener Sängerknaben a.k.a. the Vienna Boys' Choir, which was established in freakin' 1498. Wow. If you have time, follow the VBC down a YouTube wormhole for an hour or so. You will never feel less accomplished and talented in your own right. It's fun!

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