The Amazing Race recap: Bamboo-zled

Teams feed elephants and construct wooden instruments in Indonesia; final four teams are....
Ep. 09 | Aired Nov 24, 2013

MUSIC TO HIS EARS Tim has never felt so loved.


Marie's childish verbal spew is also painful, but we're used to that. She and Tim don't have any conflict at the moment, so she conjures some up from thin air: "You have made more mistakes than me," she announces in the taxi to the airport. Wait, Marie, why does it have to be a competition? wonders poor Tim. "Well, why does it always have to be even? If somebody messes up more." Tim's face mirrors my own sentiment, which is I CAN'T WITH THIS BITCH. It's infuriating to even go on relaying this conversation. Maybe in the next leg Marie, Nicole, and Travis will be compelled by their true superior natures to wander towards a "People Who Are Better Than Everyone Else, Stand Here" sign, and then whoops! It's a trapdoor. Boom. Season finale.


So, Indonesia, huh? "Are they, like, Chinese people or are they, like, Indians?" wonders Jason. I'm so happy he and Amy were confined to a car right then. Imagine if they were on the streets of Indonesia already and he spouted out that comment. All those local Chinese Indians would be totally horrified.

Touch down in Indonesia! "We have to go to the village," says Ashley. LOL. "The village." Take her to that specific one. Quick! It's a race!

Uh oh. Jason and Amy's cabbie doesn't understand English. "Race? You understand race?" Jason listlessly asks. Do you understand it, Jay? Y'all might be on the same page.

"Do you know CLUE BOX?" It's time for a little bonus challenge: Pick up two head-butting rams, wait until they butt heads, and load them back onto a truck. Easy enough, right? Correct! It's so easy that Ally and Ashley -- once a cheerleader, in every country a cheerleader -- are in second place by the time they finish. But wait, we haven't heard from Travis in awhile. I'm interested as to how moral this challenge is. Am I allowed to feel like a good person while watching it? "Neither of the rams were injured at all," he assures us. This is just one of the rams' normal sports. Whew. Close call.

The Ice Princesses and the RoboDocs settle in uncomfortably on the train back to Bandung. They've never raced together, you see. "And you know what? We'll tell you the truth," Travis tells Ally and Ashley over the seat. Ugggggggggggh.

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