The Amazing Race recap: Turkish Delight

Claws come out, scandalous swiping goes down and teams strip down to their skivvies
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS Were Natalie and Nadiya playing the game or playing dirty?

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By this time most of the spa group had already moved on to the big indoor market for the Roadblock which posed the question Who's ready to pour their heart out? The racers' task was to dress up in a waiter/marching band outfit, strap on a long-spouted brass teapot and sell 40 cups of Turkish sherbet, or, as Phil called it, "the world's first soft drink."

Lexi's cheerleader really came out here and she high-kicked the balls out of this task.

After first struggling with the tea pot (great accompanying sound effect by Team TAR, btw), Ryan hit his stride once he put on his business socks and teamed up with a local who'd work as a broker on a commission structure. Meanwhile, have you noticed Abbie's face when Ryan speaks these days? She wears the expression of a person who deeply longs to disappear through a trap door in the floor.

Abba looked like a CRAZY bespectacled lion.

James of Team Chips struggled here. This cat just doesn't seem to have a lot of get up and go, does he. You know the phrase "light a fire under your ass?" James doesn't. Poor JaYmes was doing his best to cheer his partner from the sidelines and stay patient. But when the Chips found themselves amongst the last teams remaining there, Jaymes kicked his sideline coaching into high gear. "You see Monster Truck, you see Beekman Boys, you know you're at the back of the pack," he explained. Ouch and true. James eventually sold his last cups to what looked to be some American women.

Brent at this challenge was truly something magical. And by that I mean he literally looked like something magical, like a Keebler Elf or Peter Pan. It was delightful. But it was more than just his look; he was on par with Lexi in the Enthusiastic Salesperson department and he knew he was rocking it. "I may not be a Chippingdale but I can work a costume," he said. Indeed.

Ultimately Rob and Kelley were the last to finish the task. Rob tried to incentivize the cab driver: "WE HAVE TO BEAT THE TEAM THAT'S IN FRONT OF US OR WE HAVE TO GO HOME!" he boomed, which either meant nothing or something totally confusing to the driver. The idea of "win or go home" is one so specific to reality TV competitions, and the fact that Rob was shouting this to a taxi driver on the other side of the world struck me as really funny.

The Pit Stop was at the beautiful and picturesque luxury yacht, Savarona. Team Texas took the first place win and I'm glad for them though not as glad as I'd be if they hadn't stolen from the nicest guys on the Race. Still, though, their amazed pride at winning was disarming. "We're just some Texas folk," Trey marveled. Yeah. Some Texas folk who just won a trip to Australia that includes a VIP "spar" treatment, y'all!

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