The Amazing Race recap: Turkish Delight

Claws come out, scandalous swiping goes down and teams strip down to their skivvies
Ep. 06 | Aired Nov 4, 2012

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS Were Natalie and Nadiya playing the game or playing dirty?

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In the end they didn't have to beg too long or hard, though, as a benevolent woman and then other generous locals approached to offer assistance. In what seemed like no time at all the Rockers had drummed up $100, just by the sheer magnetic force of their gentle eyes and welcoming facial hair -- and, I assume, the attention they were drawing by walking around being filmed for TV. Whatever. Good for them. I don't know if "slow and steady wins the race" is exactly the right expression to describe the Rockers -- maybe it's "efficient and drama-free does really well on most of the legs" or something much better than that -- but these guys sure are some tough cookies who've overcome a bunch of hurdles: James' news from home last week, Abba's bum knees, Abba's foot-in-sewer incident, and now the stolen money. These two aren't the youngest, the strongest, the loudest or the wiliest, but despite this -- or because of it -- they sure as hell are some of the best racers of this season.

Everyone flew to Turkey on the same plane.

When the teams arrived in Istanbul, they had the option of taking the Metro or a taxi to the ferry that would shuttle them across the Bosphorus Strait. The Chipmunks and Truckers were the only teams to choose the Metro, and it was odd when Jaymes said "Monster Truck just got on, at least we're not alone," as if the Truckers' presence was somehow reassuring to him. Obviously the Truckers have proven themselves to have the worst judgement of any team, and to me, their presence would be an indicator that I was absolutely in the wrong place.

Soon enough, though, Jaymes had second thoughts about their choice of transport. Listen, I'll say it: I feel a tiny bit sorry for him. His Race partner James seems like a nice enough guy but doesn't strike me as someone who Jaymes can lean on or who can help out with strategy decisions -- he seems more like an appendage or well-behaved pet. Is that mean? Sorry. They just don't seem like equals, and from what we can see, Jaymes doesn't get a lot of input from his partner aside from affirming yeahs and mumbles. Anyway, Jaymes made the executive decision to get them off the Metro mid-route (a smart move), and in the way it's maddening yet also oddly satisfying when a person acts the exact way you predict they will, I felt validated when Rob said "The guys that got off made a big mistake," and pitied the Chips for being "followers." That is so Rob! In any case, these two teams' Metro ride would indeed end up haunting them the rest of the leg; both teams hovered near the back of the pack throughout.

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